Michael Bassett — Municipal Court Judge

Oct 23, 2019 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

I’ve always had a passion for service. An interest in representing survivors of domestic and sexual violence has meant that I’ve spent the entirety of my career in courtrooms entrusted with complex and difficult matters. This work has led me to teach at national seminars on issues related to protecting victims of crime. I also worked as a staff attorney for a domestic violence organization, in which part of my job was training judges on best practices.

I’ve maintained a general practice, in which I’ve represented clients in every type of matter that comes before the municipal court, whether criminal, civil or traffic. I am experienced with the cases this court handles.

I’m running because of the unique opportunity for needed change in the court. Of Ottawa County’s three courts, the municipal court is the only one without a certified court to help people struggling with addiction.
Our court can save money on needlessly repeated court dates by starting a text-messaging notification system (similar to the reminders you get when you have a doctor’s appointment coming up.)

Finally, the court must implement and consistently use a video arraignment system to eliminate dangerous prisoner transports (during one in April, a prisoner attempted to escape), and save money for all levels of our community.

I am the candidate whose experience and energy has led me to identify issues that face the court. It is time for our court to move forward. It is an honor to ask for your vote.

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