Mothers earn surprises from SIMPLE GESTURES

May 26, 2021 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

Two special ladies received surprises on Mother’s Day this year through the efforts of SIMPLE GESTURES, Organizer Kathy Jo Schweitzer and her army of volunteers.

“We are in the business of sharing and trying to make people happy,” said Schweitzer. “So, this seemed like a good idea for this year.”

Randi Rupersburg (above), parenting her three grandchildren, and Charlene Wiechman (below), parent to her 9-year-old son and caregiver to her mother, received almost 300 gifts that were fun or useful from Schweitzer. The gifts ranged from large purses full of cosmetics, books, bath products and notebooks to a variety of games, a fishing pole, books and toys for each of the children. Charlene, her mom, and Randi also received large quilts hand made by the women of Fremont Faith Lutheran Church.

“The contributors of SIMPLE GESTURES are very generous and committed to helping others in any way possible. I enjoy being able to organize all of their stuff and then to present everything to the families. It is a real pleasure,” said Schweitzer. To learn about the SIMPLE GESTURES program send an email to:

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