New Covid-19 guidelines required at Riverview

Oct 27, 2021 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

Due to new reporting regulations, all employees, guests and contractors visiting the Ottawa County Riverview Healthcare Campus in Oak Harbor will now be required to report if they are fully vaccinated, if they have received a booster and what brand of vaccine they received for each.

Administrator Kendra M. German of the Riverview Healthcare Campus apologizes, as officials there know this makes the form even longer, but they continue to add to what they are required to report to state and federal officials.

“Thank you for all for what you are doing to continue the tiring fight against Covid-19,” said German. “There are facilities that are having outbreaks with vaccinated residents, so it is important for us not to let our guard down. Many of these have been in Memory Care units where wearing masks can be difficult for residents.”

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