Oak Harbor to offer students career-focused courses

Jan 19, 2022 | Schools | 0 comments

Oak Harbor High School students complimented a new commitment to career focused courses, praising the research-based programs. From left to right are Jericho Richardson, Noah Mylander, instructor A.J. Cecil, John Aston and Chloe Hall.

Oak Harbor High School is committed to offering career-focused courses that allow students to study and master research-based programs that can earn them industry recognized credentials, giving them a leg up in the workforce or college.

Instructor A.J. Cecil’s leadership excellence class had the opportunity to study and evaluate their own leadership skills while completing a practicum project that required them to apply their new learning. Upon successful completion of their practicum and exam, each student was issued a 3-point industry-recognized credential.

Leadership skills have been identified as one of the most sought after soft skills by most major institutions. Below are comments from some of Cecil’s first students to earn this new credential offered at OHHS.

Chloe Hall (Senior): “This course provided me with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to be a leader in different roles in my future.”

Jericho Richardson (Junior): ”I really enjoyed this course. It gave me the confidence to find out more about myself today, and who I’d like to become in the future.”

Noah Mylander (Senior): “The five modules of leadership that we completed taught me an organized approach to succeed in any leadership role I find myself in going forward, big or small.”

John Aston (Senior): ”The practicum project we completed as a group was a rewarding experience that showed me I can be a leader.”

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