Ottawa County Fair closes its stalls on another year of memories

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This year’s Ottawa County Fair drew large crowds for fair food, friendship and fun. A photo array from the fair will be posted on The Beacon’s web site. (Photos by Sherri Trusty)


Once again, the Ottawa County Fair created a week’s worth of opportunities for local residents to create memories. From livestock judging to amusement rides to the demolition derby, families spent time together having fun outdoors.

Gracelyn Soltis of Genoa and her cousin, Makenzie Yaklich of Colorado, both 10, camped at the fairgrounds during fair week. Soltis earned 2nd place in rabbit showmanship this year.

“My family owns a rabbit tree. It’s like a family tree. We breed a lot,” she said.

Livestock judging is a big part of the Ottawa County Fair each year.

Soltis, who brought five rabbits to the fair and showed one, spent much of her summer preparing for rabbit judging.

“Every day, I made sure they had food and water, and I made sure they had no broken toe nails,” she said. “I tried to pose them every day, and I made sure they were healthy.”

On Friday afternoon, the girls spent time playing in the fairground’s sandbox. They enjoyed having the freedom to explore the fair for a week, where they rode amusement rides and competed in the fairground’s new Gaga Ball PIt. They also enjoyed visiting the Kitchen Craft Waterless Cookware booth.

“My favorite thing here is seeing the cooking show. I love talking to people, and we got free food,” Yaklich said. “When I was there, he named me Chef Loreen.”

A young boy washes his calf at the fair.

Twelve-year-old Ambrea Henson of Toledo also camped at the fair with her family, who were operating the Big Meals on Wheels food truck.

“We sell chicken tenders, burgers, French fries, hot dogs and slushies,” Henson said. “It’s fun. We travel all over. We go to lots of fairs.”

Eight-year-old Sydney Tymiac of Oak Harbor said she enjoyed riding “the big spinning ride.”

“It was super fun, and I saw two of my friends here,” she said.

Tymiac’s favorite animals at the fair were the rabbits.

“I like the bunnies because they’re super nice, and they let me pet them,” she said. “Plus, they don’t stink as much.”

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