Ottawa County’s only female chiropractor brings holistic approach to treatment

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Being the only female chiropractic physician in Ottawa County isn’t the only distinction that marks Dr. Bridgett N. Urban’s chiropractic practice inside Salon 53. She has her own holistic philosophy that brings to the treatment table anything she thinks will help her patient.

It all begins with chiropractic care given in the ambiance of dimmed lights, soft music and the assurance that Urban provides all chiropractic care herself.

“I do everything. It’s just me. There’s no chiropractic assistant,” Urban said. “I love the one-on-one.”

Although Urban provides all the chiropractic care herself, she believes in treating the patient holistically by referring them to other beneficial treatment options when necessary.

“I’m so medically oriented. I am an absolute believer in injections in conjunction with chiropractic care, as well as massage and physical therapy,” she said. “I’m very well-rounded.”

During their first visit, patients can expect to spend about an hour with Urban discussing past medical history, muscular and skeletal complaints, as well as a diagnosis and a treatment plan. When necessary, she orders x-rays through Magruder Hospital, and, on the second visit, she discusses the patient’s goals and prognosis.

“I determine what chiropractic can do for them. Do they also need physical therapy or medicine?” she asks.

Urban utilizes modalities like electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound in conjunction with manipulations. She also provides practical life advice so the patient can play an active role in their treatment.

“I give sleeping instructions and lifting instructions and suggest lifestyle changes like diet. I have a two-year degree in nutrition, too,” she said.

Urban’s initial goal as a young woman was to work in pediatric medicine, but the AIDS scare in the 1990s persuaded her father to talk her into pursuing another profession. She became familiar with chiropractic care through her father’s best friend, Nestor Stychno, and that set the course of her career.

“He was my mentor,” she said.

Urban was licensed as a chiropractor in 1994 and owned Urban Chiropractic Clinic in Niles, Ohio, from 1998 to 2014. She spent her childhood visiting Port Clinton with her parents and was happy to settle here in 2017. Her two sons, who are Port Clinton High School students, relocated here with her.

Today, her office is located in Salon 53 at 3958 Harbor Light Landing Dr., Port Clinton. For more information, call 419-734-5353 or visit or the Bridgett Urban, D.C. Facebook page.

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