Ottawa Soil & Water plans trio of H2Ohio projects

Jul 1, 2020 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

The Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District has been busy during the late winter and spring planning for projects that will enhance water quality in Lake Erie. The office currently has three H2Ohio projects with Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The focus on these projects is to connect the wetlands and waterways with Lake Erie to increase nutrient filtering and protect water quality.

The Darby Refuge Wetland Reconnection will reconnect two wetland habitat units totaling 352.2 acres to Lake Erie via Lacarpe Creek to facilitate nutrient reduction in the lake as well as additional nutrient reduction from a 4,416-acre watershed upstream. Similarly, at the Ottawa

National Wildlife Refuge, a Wetland Reconnection project will reconnect three wetland habitat units totaling 586.3 acres to Lake Erie via the Crane Creek Estuary to facilitate nutrient reduction in the lake as well as nutrient reduction from the 36,480 acres (57 square mile) Crane Creek/Veler Road ditch watershed upstream.

The Bohling Marsh Reconnection will take 55 acres of emergent wetland and reconnect it to LaCarpe Creek which is located 0.6 miles from Lake Erie proper. This entire stretch of La Carpe Creek is lake level because of its location. This project will install a fish passageway/water control structure and the rehabilitation/rip rap of 1,100 feet of dike. This property is a remnant of the original Great Black Swamp coastal wetlands.

Ottawa Soil & Water Conservation District is dedicated to improving water quality in Lake Erie. The District is making innovative strives to always be moving forward. For more information about any of these programs call 419-898-1595.

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