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Trophy Lake Erie walleye are attracting anglers from all over Ohio and the country. Weighing in some big walleye in the recent Masters Walleye Circuit tournament on Lake Erie, and finishing 13th in the large field were Dean Clemons, right, of Marblehead and David Frey of Avon Lake.

Welcome to another season of great Lake Erie fishing and the weekly Beacon Fishing Report! I am Captain Mark Cahlik, a veteran Lake Erie fishing guide, and like the armada of fishermen who enjoy Lake Erie’s amazing bounty, I am excited for what is going to be the greatest fishing season on record.

The season is already well on its way, starting with a bang quite early this season. Every type of Lake Erie charter service has been doing well, reporting outstanding limit catches of walleye. The Fishermans Wharf bait and tackle shop in downtown Port Clinton has been reporting excellent catches and great success.

While trolling lures for walleye has been providing the most consistent success, the six-man drifting charters are also heating up as the weather continues to warm. No matter how you like to chase walleye, whether it is drift-and-cast fishing or trolling, you’re going to enjoy the record-setting schools of walleye Lake Erie is offering this year.

As with every early season, the great catches are dependent on the weather, which also determines where we’ll find the best fishing experiences. Last week the winds were out of the Northeast one day, and the very next day the big breezes were out of the southeast. Lake Erie can be a roller coast ride, at times, but you can bet on a lot of calm, sunny days and outstanding catches of walleye.

For the most part though, drift fishing has been doing the best north of Niagara Reef to C and B can and also around the islands in 28 to 30 feet of water. Casters have been using the “die hard” Weapon lures, small spinner rigs tipped with a piece of nightcrawler. When the winds are pretty stiff, a heavier weight and bottom bouncers have done the trick.

Trollers are still using crank baits with Bandits, Walleye Reapers and Reef Runners as their diving plugs of choice. They have been running these 40 to 90 feet back. The best areas had been two miles southwest of Green Island and North of Gull Reef up to the Canadian line.

As the weather becomes more stable the fishing report will become more consistent. It’s great to be back reporting for you. I’m excited to see how well we all do this season.

Remember to be courteous out on Lake Erie, whichever method you choose to use to catch a few walleye. If you are trolling, respect the casters. Be safe and keep a tight line!

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