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The bite has changed to north of the border. Most charters, including all of my boats, have been going to Canada for a more consistent bite and better grade of fish. This has happened all within the past week or so.

With the water getting warmer, this could be the reason these fish are moving north to get into to the colder, deeper water. East of Pelee Island has been no secret for the hot bite for casters and trollers. Casters have been working the Mill Point structures using bottom bouncers on those windier days and weapons with 1 oz. to 1 ½ oz. egg sinkers. They have been producing nice boxes of fish to the cleaners.

Trollers have been running three to four miles east of Mill Point with spoons and Tru-Trips with speeds 2.3 to 2.4 MPH. Even running that far north, limits seem to be quick, with most charters getting back in around 2 p.m. The bite here is just a bit tougher on the Ohio side right.

You can still find fish by West Sister Island and Middle Sister Island. You do have to work for them, though not a fast bite. We still do not have a bass report yet or a yellow perch report yet. Catfishing is still going strong, though, in the Sandusky Bay.

Go-to-bait has been shrimp and night crawlers and something that is fairly new called trout chunks that is starting to catch on. The trout chunks stay on the hooks very well, from what I have been told. The longer they stay on, the better they work.

That’s all for this week. Stay safe.

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