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By Mark Cahlik

Walleye are still kings of the lake and the perch are still spotty, for now. This past week was a rough one with all the winds that we had. We did see some limits of perch come in and the anglers said that they were by the islands in 30 plus feet of water.

Some fisherman have been getting their walleye by the rock piles. Gull Reef was producing some nice walleye. Casters have been going in about seven to eight feet of water and have been using single hook weapons lures. Those fishing this weekend found that Saturday was a big bust but Sunday saw those that were trolling bringing in limits. Those limits were caught over at the Cedar Point dumping grounds. Tru- trips with silver streaks set at eighty to a hundred feet back are still the most popular thing to be using although Bandits are starting to be used. You will want to set these at sixty to eighty feet back.

The perch have still remained to be spotty lately. With west of the islands being churned up from all the winds the waters have been a mess with weeds and mud. Hopefully, once this weather straightens out and the temperatures start to drop, the perch will start to school up and we will start to get them.

This past Sunday, Camp Runinmuck held a perch tournament and we did see a few nice limits com into Bays Edge Fish Cleaning from that tournament. Also on Sunday, most catches were caught around the deep edges of the rock piles around the islands.

Lake shiners are starting to show up more now for bait. So hopefully the perch will start to bite better. Overall it was a tough week but that is the normal thing for this time of year.

One good sign that perch are coming along is is that the netters have seen an increase in the perch that they are seeing in their nets. The shorelines off of Cedar Point has a mixture of shiners and shad which is another good sign. Maybe with all those bait fish together, that will make the perch school up even more.

Until next week, remember to be safe out there and always be mindful of those that you are sharing the lake with. Have fun and relax and enjoy yourselves.

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