Park District of Ottawa County and Village of Genoa cutting two ribbons on May 30

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A ribbon cutting for the new North Coast Inland Trail extension in Genoa will be held on May 30 at 6 p.m.

In the words of Village of Genoa Mayor Thomas E. Bergman, the Park District of Ottawa County has fulfilled an opportunity to make its mark in the community, located on the far western end of the county.

A ribbon cutting, commemorating the North Coast Inland Trail extension through Veterans Memorial Park to its terminus at Washington Street in Genoa, will kick festivities off at 6 p.m. on May 30. The extension was paved and painted at the start of May. Fencing and dirt work was started, and trailhead improvements, including a bottle filling station, bicycle rack and bicycle repair station, are also being installed in the upcoming summer months. Funding for the extension project was received through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Recreational Trails Grant, with the Park District of Ottawa County supporting the cost share for the grant in the amount of $55,000.

The extension linking to downtown Genoa is a win for northwest Ohio bicycling enthusiasts and users of the North Coast Inland Trail alike, and for the village, as cyclists can stop off in Genoa to rest, refresh and enjoy the charm of the community.

The 2022 and 2023 cycles of the Park District of Ottawa County Parks and Trails Improvement Grant made the construction of a building to house both a public restroom and concessions stand in Veterans Memorial Park possible, and will be commemorated with another ribbon cutting ceremony at 6:15 p.m. May 30. The building, situated in the southwest corner of the park near the baseball/softball fields, opened in April, and the Village of Genoa received $172,295 in two grant funding cycles from the Park District of Ottawa County. The improvement serves a dual purpose, Bergman said, to improve the experience for residents and visitors of the recreational fields and to provide an important restroom stop for those utilizing the North Coast Inland Trail.

Veterans Memorial Park is located at 605 Washington St. in Genoa.

Both projects recognize and shine a spotlight on recreational amenities in the county. Bergman said the seasonal restroom and concessions building has been a longtime wish for community members and visitors.

“It serves a dual purpose for the thousands who visit the ballfields and the thousands who use the North Coast Inland Trail,” Bergman said. “If you’re scheduling a trek on the North Coast Inland Trail, you want to plan accordingly. It’s a huge win.”

The Parks and Trails Improvement Grant program of the Park District of Ottawa County (PDOC) is in its third round of funding. The grant program is provided by the Park District of Ottawa County Board of Park Commissioners as a component of the park district’s property tax levy.

To learn more about the Park District of Ottawa County, visit and follow the Park District of Ottawa County at

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