PCHS Valedictorian Address

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By Max Brenner, Valedictorian, Port Clinton High School

This past school year, my classmates and I have shared many lasts together. I would like to welcome everyone to the Port Clinton High School Class of 2019’s last last.

I am sure we have all looked forward to this day with the utmost eagerness. The countdown on the classroom whiteboards titled, “Senior Days Left” is finally at zero. No more classes at PC, no more tests, and no more sleeping at the desks. So here we are, all dressed up in our caps and gowns, ready to move on with the next chapter of our lives, and woah, do we look good or what?

Before we do move on to the big scary world, it is important to celebrate our time at Port Clinton and all that we have achieved. During our time at PC, we’ve done some amazing things. We have won SBC championships, and even sent a few individuals to state contests.

Some of our classmates have gone to national contests for DECA and robotics. Our music departments have received outstanding ratings across the board. We absolutely killed it. The success that our class has experienced is in direct correlation to the time and effort we put forth.

How many hours were spent running sprints on the football field, or swimming laps in the pool? How many hours were spent getting those notes just right? I can tell you for sure that I would not be able to count all of those hours on my fingers. I have no doubt in my mind that this senior class is going to do great things in the future, because we have shown our ability to do what is required to be successful.

I know that as a class we have big dreams. Ally Batterton is going to be a chemist; Caden Swander is going to be a sports agent; Tristan Yoh, a pilot; and Maddy Kodak, a teacher. I even know someone who is determined to become Batman, just look in the parking lot.

These goals take time and effort to achieve, but we can do it. I know we are going to change the world. Some changes may be on a global scale, and some may be in a neighborhood, but I know that the Class of 2019 will leave a footprint on this earth. I expect big things from this group because I have seen what we can do.

Thank you, friends and families, for helping each of us get here and being with us today. Teachers and coaches, you motivated us to work hard to get here. Sometimes it was really painful for all parties involved, but it was worth it in the end. I thank you for making me take hour-long tests, and run until threw up.

To my classmates, I am glad to have had you future nurses, actuaries, and superheroes as my classmates and teammates throughout these four years. Thank you Squad for always being there and putting up with me. Guys, it is not easy saying goodbye to all of you. I have played sports with my brothers, and I’ve taken classes with my best friends. I ask that you never give up your dreams, never settle for less than you deserve, and always strive for success.

Thank you all for the great memories, and I cannot wait to hear about all that you do in the future.

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