PCMS students create T-shirt Book Reports

Nov 4, 2020 | Schools | 0 comments

Port Clinton Middle School students in Kerry Fial’s language arts classes have read various novels, and the final project has been for students to create a T-shirt Book Report. The books included in the assignment were Hatchet, Number The Stars, Where The Red Fern Grows, Sammy Keyes and The Hotel Thief, and Holes.

Fial’s requirements were for her students to add characterizations, settings, plots, favorite quotes and design the shirt as if it were a new book cover.

“All the kids had a blast with this and the shirts turned out amazing!” said Fial. The best designs were acknowledged with awards. Chris Rose submitted the winning T-shirt project. Runners-up were Summer LoPresto, and Charlie Simpson, with Honorable Mentions going to Alana Zibert and Shadon Pollard. See more pictures at www.pccsd.net.

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