Peachtree Estates Catawba honors late peach farmer

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The Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting for Peachtree Estates Catawba on May 17. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


From the mid-1980s to about 2004, the late Robert Schraidt tended his peach orchard on Catawba and welcomed the community to his fruit stand. Today, the land is being developed in a way that honors his memory and pays homage to the history of Catawba. The property is now known as Peachtree Estates Catawba.

Robert’s daughter, Cindy Mahoney, said her ancestors first arrived in Ottawa County in the 19th century and planted vineyards and orchards in the rich soil. Her father’s passion for the land was in his blood.

“This orchard was my father’s love. He did it for fun,” Mahoney said during a ribbon cutting for Peachtree Estates hosted by the Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce on May 17.

Cindy Mahoney, left, and her mother, Pat Schraidt, are grateful that their family’s former peach orchard is being honored by the design of Peachtree Estates Catawba. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

Robert’s widow, Pat Schraidt, said Robert’s orchard was comprised of over 12,000 peach trees.

“We had cows and the peach orchard. He did it all himself,” Pat said.

Timothy Runion, President of American Realty Partners Corporation, is developing the land with Robert in mind. Peachtree Estates Catawba offers ten buildable lots that adjoin the Catawba Island Golf Course. The lots range from 1.08 to 1.43 acres. Each home, which will be part of an HOA, can be custom built.

The development features 90 peach trees, 1,700 juniper trees and a waterfall-enhanced pond. A nearby home and barn will be demolished, and the HOA members can choose to utilize the space for a pool and clubhouse.

Timothy Runion, President of American Realty Partners Corporation, on the left, toasts the new Peachtree Estates Catawba with Cindy Mahoney, center, and Pat Schraidt during the development’s ribbon cutting. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

Runion worked hand-in-hand with the Schraidt family as he designed the development.

“Tim let me name it and pick out the trees. I wanted a red Japanese maple because every time my dad moved, he planted one,” Mahoney said. “My dad loved nature and agriculture. I’m really excited because I didn’t want a lot of condos, and I don’t think he would have, either.”

Runion placed a literal design touch on the entire development project.

“Every rock you see – and there are over 4,000 of them – my hand touched it. Every tree here was in my hands,” he said. “The waterfall was made with all local stones. It came out of my brain. I didn’t use a designer.”

Peachtree Estates Catawba gives many nods to the Schraidt’s former peach farm, including this sign on one end of the development. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

Mahoney spent many afternoons walking the property after her father died, remembering the days he pruned trees, picked peaches and loved the land.

“Sometimes I would find a peach pit and take it home. There are so many memories here,” she said. “There are still ducks here and sometimes deer. We wanted to encourage nature to come and enjoy the land when we designed Peachtree Estates. I’m hoping the people who live here will enjoy nature, too.”

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  1. Melissa Weaver

    Sad to hear the house I grew up in will be demolished, but I understand. Good luck and best wishes on this new venture and may God bless Mr. Schraidt, who was like a grandfather to me in many ways.


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