Polkas, Halupki a good, old days festival in Marblehead on Sunday

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When Eastern Europeans made the Marblehead scene in large numbers many decades ago, they brought with them their home-grown recipes for their favorite delightful dinners, from halupki and perohi, to kolbasi and baklava.

That tradition will return on Sunday, Aug. 15, when the 64th annual Halupki Festival is celebrated from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. with down-to-earth dining and plenty of polkas at the Holy Assumption Orthodox Church, 114 E. Main St., Marblehead.

Called Carpatho-Russian dinners, the standard fare for $20 will feature a couple of halupki, which are also called cabbage rolls, and a couple of perohi, the dumplings filled with potatoes and various other sweet or savory fillings that are also known as pierogies.

The meal wouldn’t be complete without a hefty kolbasi, a meaty sausage most Polish call a kielbasa, and a sugary sweet baklava, a sticky Greek delight made of phyllo dough, nuts, sugar and honey.

Many will arrive early, for the Divine Liturgy by Father Andrew Bartek, pastor of Holy Assumption Church in Marblehead. And they’ll arrive hungry for the traditional meal — no how you spell the delights — that grandmothers still have the corner on creating.

The live Polka music on a wooden dance floor will feature the Frank Moravcik Orchestra, Wayne Golob Band and Ed Klimczak Band. The annual Herman Halupki’s Craft Fest will feature more than 35 vendors, and featured will be Old World Baked Goods and Rusyn (Pysanky) Easter Egg Art.

For the kids, Silly Tilly will entertain, and a Bounce House will keep them busy.

There is free admission for the Halupki Festival, and crowds at the popular event, so take advantage of the free shuttles from nearby parking areas. There was no Halupki Festival in 2020, and many Marbleheaders have waited far too long for their annual halupki and perohi fix.

For information call 419-798-4591. Ala Carte dinners will be available after 2 p.m.

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