Port Clinton High School ‘Reads Every Day’ during R.E.D.

Oct 19, 2022 | Schools | 0 comments

Port Clinton High School students and teacher Greg Grime take a short break from math class reading as part of Red Every Day initiative.

Senior Mia Sanchez enjoys reading as part of Port Clinton High School’s new reading program, RED – Read Every Day.

Port Clinton High School has added a designated time for students and staff to read each day. At the specified time, the entire school stops and reads self-chosen books for 14 minutes. No matter if it is math, science, social studies, or any class, everyone stops to read.

The new program is called R.E.D., standing for “Read Every Day.” According to Port Clinton High School Teacher Lori Scalf, administration and staff began planning for this project for a while and are happy to finally be able to begin.

All students, along with staff, sit quietly and read self-chosen books or anything in print: Books, newspapers, magazines; with one exception. Nothing electronic!

The school district has also invested in the program to make a variety of reading materials available to students, including young adult fiction, sports trivia and facts, multi-level readers, and novels.

“We really want this to be a time that helps students learn to enjoy reading,” said Port Clinton High School Principal Gary Steyer. “Read Every Day also encourages literacy and lifelong learning.”
See more pictures from R.E.D. and Port Clinton City Schools at www.pccsd.net or Facebook.com/portclintonschools.

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