Port Clinton High School Seniors Committed to Pursuing Teaching Careers on National Signing Day

May 21, 2024 | Schools | 0 comments

Port Clinton High School seniors and future educators Emily Menningen, Aliza Kilmer, Kyle Biers, Taylor Oberle and Kayden Shrader signed their commitment to be teachers as part of Educators Rising National Signing Day. (Submitted photo)

On May 8, Port Clinton High School (PCHS) seniors participated in the national signing day event supported by Educators Rising, a community-based movement dedicated to cultivating the next generation of teachers from PDK International. This event celebrates seniors who have made a commitment to pursue degrees in education, marking an important milestone in their journey towards becoming educators.

At the event, Joe Miller, PCHS Educators Rising Advisor, introduced each student and announced their commitment to post-secondary education with an intent to major in education and to attain a credential to teach. Signing as future educators were: Kayden Shrader – Bowling Green State University; Emily Menningen – God’s Bible School & College; Kyle Biers – Bowling Green State University; Taylor Oberle – Bowling Green State University; and Aliza Kilmer – Undecided.

“We are incredibly proud of our seniors who have chosen to pursue degrees in education,” Miller said. “Their commitment to shaping the future through education is inspiring, and we are confident that they will make a positive impact in a future classroom. We hope they will consider coming back to teach within our community.”

Menningen was grateful to be a part of Educators Rising.

“Educators Rising has given me more confidence in making education my lifelong career because I’ve been able to share that passion with other young people who share that same goal,” said Emily Menningen, a senior at PCHS and Vice President of Educators Rising. “We have all made connections through this program and met some amazing teachers that will surely inspire us as we take our next steps into the field of education.”

Along with its commitment to Educators Rising, Port Clinton High School will debut a new course next school year for aspiring teachers.

For more good news from Port Clinton Schools visit www.pccsd.net.

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