Port Clinton High School students learn Kung Fu

Oct 20, 2021 | Schools | 0 comments

Port Clinton High School students in Yiting Xia’s Chinese classes had lessons in Kung Fu. From left to right are Alivia Mooney, Samuel Reaper, Katelyn Maloy, Katherine Rodgers, Aubrey Haghiri, Kung Fu Instructor Amy Cheng , Christen Sayre, Mya Curry, Kamdyn Periat, Sydney Fenton and Arleigh Dackermann.

Port Clinton High School offers multiple educational opportunities for students which include World Languages Spanish and Madarin Chinese. Yiting Xia, the Port Clinton High School Chinese Teacher, recently planned a special lesson for her students. She organized sessions to teach Chinese Kung Fu led by Amy Cheng.

Hand movements, stances, leg movements, and balance are the basic skills of Wushu. Kung Fu is a martial art, centuries old from Greater China and utilizes the skills of patience and energy. The exercise involves concentration and self- discipline. See the pictures and learn more at www.pccsd.net or facebook.com/portclintonschools.

Port Clinton High School students in Mandarin Chinese classes learned the ancient skills of Kung Fu. From left to right in front are Aubrey Haghiri and Arleigh Dackermann.

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