Port Clinton keeps park amenities closed

Apr 29, 2020 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

Port Clinton residents have long taken full advantage of the city’s parks, restrooms, shelter house and recreational areas over the years, said safety-service director Tracy Colston.

“We all recognize the important role city parks play in the daily life of citizens and visitors. These spaces offer a wide range of experiences that may be undertaken in today’s age of social distancing and group gathering limitations because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Colston. “The city administration encourages everyone to continue to explore these opportunities.

“However, with Gov. Mike DeWine issuing a Social Distancing Order and Group Gathering Count of 10 people or fewer, Port Clinton must enforce uses of these spaces that will conform to those state orders.”

Balancing use and maintaining public health is paramount to preventing another surge in the pandemic, said Colston. In accordance, Port Clinton shelter houses and canopy rentals are suspended. Groups with reservations may request a refund and cancellation by calling 419-734-5522, Ext. 2. Such a request will open any reserved space to others should the state orders be amended or lifted.

Refunds will automatically be offered should the date of the scheduled event pass without the state amending the orders. All park restrooms and playgrounds will remain closed under the state order.

All organized community functions, including the Walleye Festival, 4th of July Celebration, Arts in the Park, Art Walk, Rock The Light Music Festival, and Lighthouse Festival which take place in public spaces will also remain closed.

“We all recognize the impact these actions may have on your life and the lives of your loved ones,” said Colston. “We all hope for a speedy resolution of the COVID-19 issue and our thoughts are with all of those negatively impacted by this virus.”

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