Port Clinton Middle School does ‘Great Things for Others’

Nov 11, 2020 | Schools | 0 comments

LEFT: Port Clinton Middle School student Daniel Baker displays gifts, along with a note from the Lake Charles, La. Police Department. As part of their current events lesson, students wrote letters to officers after Hurricane Laura.

Students in Amanda Jarvis’s grade 6 class had a wonderful surprise this week. While discussing news in September during a current events lesson, students noticed how many people were affected by Hurricane Laura and the California Wildfires.

After the discussion, they decided to write letters to the helpers. Students were able to choose to write letters to either the Police Department in Lake Charles, LA., or various fire departments in California. This week, the students received a box with letters from the Lake Charles Police Department thanking the students for their letters of support. Included in the package were small gifts for the class, and officers wrote each student.

“It was very heartfelt to receive and so exciting to share this with those students,” said Jarvis. Part of the Port Clinton City Schools R Factor training is “Do Great Things for Others,” although the students wrote the letter not expecting anything in return. They realized this small act of kindness, said Jarvis, had a great impact on the recipients of their letters. See more pictures at www.pccsd.net.

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