Port Clinton Police Officers Pugh and Schraidt honored for saving a life

May 21, 2024 | Featured, Around Ottawa County | 1 comment

Port Clinton Police Officers Robert Schraidt, left, and Amy Pugh were honored at the May 14 Port Clinton City Council meeting for saving a woman’s life. (Submitted photo)


Each day, police officers across the nation walk out their front doors to face the unknown. They carry radios, guns and the heavy knowledge that they may be called to risk their lives or save someone else’s. On March 28, Port Clinton Police Officers Amy Pugh and Robert Schraidt breathed life, literally, into a woman’s body.

“The yacht club called and said they found a woman in her 50s unresponsive. Officer Pugh was the first one there. She checked for a pulse, and the woman was not breathing,” said Port Clinton Chief of Police David Scott.

Pugh began CPR and Schraidt arrived moments later. Together, they continued to administer CPR until the squad arrived, and then they assisted the EMS crew. To allow the paramedics to continue to work on the woman, Schraidt drove the ambulance to Magruder Hospital and Pugh provided an escort. Thanks to the initial care provided by Pugh and Schraidt, the woman survived.

Pugh and Schraidt were honored with life-saving awards at the May 14 Port Clinton City Council meeting.

“There were a few minutes between the time Officers Pugh and Schraidt got there and the time the squad got there. Because the woman was not breathing and didn’t have a pulse, it could have been a different outcome if they had not arrived when they did,” Scott said. “I thought it was important to recognize them at the council meeting. They did a great job.”

Pugh and Schraidt saved a life. Ironically, for police officers, it was an extraordinary day and a regular day at the same time. On the night of March 28, they returned to their homes knowing they would wake up to another day of facing the unknown. The next day, and every day after, they would step into their uniforms knowing that risking their lives, or saving a life, is just part of the job.

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  1. Scott Gresser

    Thank you Officers Pugh and Schraidt.


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