Port Clinton Rotary Club hosts 76th annual Honors Banquet at Performing Arts Center

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Outstanding students from Port Clinton High School’s Class of 2022 were awarded college scholarships at the recent 76th annual Rotary Honors Banquet.

The 76th annual Port Clinton High School Rotary Honor Banquet was recently held at the Performing Arts Center, showcasing the academic achievements of Port Clinton High School students. Outstanding students from the Class of 2022 were awarded college scholarships.

The annual event is made possible by the generosity of several Port Clinton community groups, businesses and individuals. The Port Clinton Rotary Club was the main sponsor of the 76th annual dinner for all Port Clinton honor students, scholarship winners, parents and presenters. Through the generosity of several community groups and established individual scholarships, the community presented students with the following:

Peggy Bredbeck PCFT Scholarship – Paige Zibert; Rotary Club Scholarship – Kennedy Adkins, Katerina Fillmore, Paeja Leow, Anthony Aukerman, Andrew Hanson; Rotary Club/ Judge Donald and Faith Wargowsky Kennedy Adkins, Marcella Brenner, Rebekah Nehls; Elks Leadership and Scholarship Award – Haley Tusen; Port Clinton Lions Club Scholarship – Paeja Leow; Ann Bolte Achievement Scholarship Fund – Madison Palmer; Ottawa County Realtors Charitable Trust Scholarship – Colton Yarborough; Barbara Drusbacky Scholarship – Ethan Luma; Steve G. Benko Family Memorial Scholarship – Sarah Sheppard, Arianna Carter;

Fraternal Order of Eagles #2295 Redskins Bowling Scholarship – Nash Leeland, Doris Huskey; Fraternal Order of Police Robert Rigoni Memorial Scholarship – Louis Slauterbeck; Fraternal Order of Police Associate Lodge #34 – Paige Cuevas; Joan M. Hudak Teacher Education Scholarship – Arianna Carter; Port Clinton Music Boosters Scholarship – DaNasia Jackson, Ethan Luma, Cooper Tilson; Keith Montgomery Music Performance Scholarship – Keilynn Mazur; Susan Parker Memorial Scholarship – Nash Leeland; Knights of Columbus – Kennedy Adkins, Ella Roberts; Warnie VanHoose Scholarship Fund – Samantha Vollmer, Zavier Manning, Ethan Luma, Paige Zibert;

The Ohio State University Alumni Scholarship – Brooke Martinez, Rebekah Nehls, Paeja Leow; Magruder Hospital Auxillary Health Careers – Kennedy Adkins, Marcella Brenner, Lillian Howell, Paeja Leow, Gabrielle Porter, Paige Reineck; Magruder Hospital R.W. Minnick Scholarship – Rebekah Nehls; Catawba Island VFD. Ladies Aux. Scholarship – Rebekah Nehls, Andrew Hansen, Alexis Meggitt; PC Chamber of Commerce Foundation Scholarship – Paige Cuevas, Cooper Tilson;

Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce Scholarship – Andrew Hanson, Paeja Leow; Literary and Social Club Scholarship – Faith Chapman; PEO Sisterhood Book Scholarship – Olivia Eickert; PEO Skilled Trades Scholarship – Lillian Howell; Oliver H. Perry Karl Kuestheardt Masonic Memorial Scholarship – Zavier Manning; Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship – Sarah Sheppard; Marlene Gulas Family Scholarship – Sam Vollmer; Jacob “Jake” Hefflinger Memorial Scholarship – DaNasia Jackson;

Kiwanis Foundation of Port Clinton Service Scholarship – Kennedy Adkins, Rebekah Nehls, Ella Roberts, Katerina Fillmore, Carter Blaesing, Arianna Carter, Paeja Leow, Faith Chapman; Kiwanis Skilled Trades Scholarship – Patrick Huskey, Louis Slauterbeck; Port Clinton Key Club – Sam Vollmer; Robert Krupp Memorial/USG Scholarship – Alexis Spears; Boy Scouts 360 Eagle Scout Scholarship – Ashton Fisher, William Zimmerman; Terry G. Heise Memorial Scholarship – Kennedy Adkins; The Jonathan T. Pope Memorial Scholarship Fund – Sam Vollmer, DeNasia Jackson; Genoa Bank Scholarship – Alyssa Recker;

Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council Scholarship -Keilyn Mazur, Arianna Carter; Port Clinton Athletic Booster Scholarship – Josh Hurst, Garrett Cornell, Kennedy Adkins, Gabbi Porter; Port Clinton Eagles Women’s Auxiliary #2295 Scholarship – Luke Halsey, Paige Cuevas; PCWC Scholarship – Paige Zibert; First National Bank Scholarship – Kennedy Adkins, Andrew Hanson; Laurie Mann Memorial Scholarship – Garrett Cornell, Josh Hurst; George and Lois Svehla Scholarship – Gabbi Porter, Lily Spieldenner;

Peter B. Rutan and Jean C. Rutan Scholarship Fund – Luke Halsey, Kennedy Adkins, Carter Blaesing, Anthony Aukerman, Davie Avis, Josh Hurst, Rebekah Nehls, Marcella Brenner, Ella Roberts, Madison Palmer, Cooper Tilson, Samantha Vollmer, Sarah Shepperd, Nathen Lukac, Paeja Leow, Ethan Luma, Gabbi Porter, Paige Zibert, Kat Fillmore, Garrett Cornell, Faith Chapman, Zavier Manning, Colton Yarbrough, Andrew Hanson;

Jean C. Rutan Port Clinton High School Scholarship – DaNasia Jackson, Landon Staib; Prisilla Rhiel Visual Arts Scholarship – Arianna Carter; Lenore Petersen Blackburn Scholarship – Brayden Spencer, Teagan Kelley Alexis Spears, Olivia Eickert; Ottawa County Mayor John Blatt Scholarship – Ashton Fisher; Julia Quayle Memorial Scholarship – Alexis Meggitt; Lester J. Klenk Memorial Scholarship – Alyssa Recker; James W. Longe Scholarship – Faith Chapman, Zavier Manning; Angie Wright Memorial Scholarship – Paige Zibert;

Port Clinton Academic Boosters Scholarship – Kennedy Adkins, Alyssa Recker, Ethan Luma, Paeja Leow, Faith Chapman, Marcella Brenner, Carter Blaesing; Jessica F. Schenk Memorial Scholar Athlete Scholarship – Rebekah Nehls, Joshua Hurst, Ethan Luma, Paeja Leow, Ella Roberts, Alexis Spears, Paige Reineck, Cooper Tilson; Mildred C. Roy Scholarship – Keilyn Mazur, Sarah Sheppard;

Walleye Festival Scholarship – Brayden Spencer; Dick and Barb Berger Athletic Scholarship – Paige Reineck, Brooke Martinez, Garett Cornell, Diago Buhay; Richmond Scholarship Foundation – Ashton Fisher; Thomas Bodager Memorial Scholarship – Josh Hurst; American Red Cross Blood Drive Scholarship- Paige Reineck; Earl E. Warnke Memorial Scholarship in Music – Keilynn Mazur; PNC Charles and Harriet De Witt Memorial Scholarship – Arielle Montowski.

Prior to the awarding of scholarships, Dr. Chelsea Bennice of the Port Clinton Class of 2004 was inducted into the Port Clinton High School Alumni Hall of Fame. Learn more about Dr. Bennice’s accomplishments along with other Alumni Hall of Fame inductees and nomination forms at www.pccsd.net under the Alumni tab.

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