Port Clinton Rotary’s 75th Honors Banquet awards scholarships

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Garret Hirt was one of four Port Clinton High School Seniors to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout and receive the Boy Scout Troop 360 Eagle Scout Scholarship. The Boy Scout scholarships were presented by Elaine Heise at the 75th Annual Port Clinton Rotary Club Honors Banquet.

The Port Clinton High School Rotary Club Honor Banquet was hosted on May 5 in the Performing Arts Center. The annual event is made possible by the generosity of several Port Clinton community groups, businesses and individuals while showcasing the academic achievements of Port Clinton High School Students.

To limit the attendance, the event for the Class of 2021 was invitation only for scholarship recipients and their families. The community presented PCHS students with the following:

Port Clinton Rotary Club Scholarships: Haylie Sewell, Claire Snyder, Michael Recker, Noah Shaw.

Judge Donald and Faith Wargowsky Rotary Scholarship: Sydney Moore, Ethan Carpenter, Kiersten Sherer, Caleigh Sullivan, Averie Webb.

1999-2004 Walleye Festival Scholarship: Isabella Reeves.

Jessica F. Schenk Memorial Scholar Athlete Scholarship: Michael Recker, Kierstin Sherer, Olivia Jackson, Haylie Sewell, Claire Snyder, Elliot Auxter.

Knights of Columbus of Columbus: Michael Recker.

PCFT Peggy Bredbeck Memorial Scholarship: Jade Nickel.

Elks Leadership and Scholarship Awards: Caleigh Sullivan.

Earl E. Warnke Memorial Scholarship in Music: Karah King.

Port Clinton Lions Club Scholarship: Michael Recker.

Jacob “Jake” Hefflinger Memorial Scholarship: Christian Owen.

Fraternal Order of the Police Associates Lodge #34: Hailie Hall.

Fraternal Order of Police Robert Rigoni Scholarship: Aiden Carpenter.

Terry G. Heise Memorial Scholarship: Elliot Auxter, Alaina Dackerman.

Ann Bolte Achievement Scholarship: Steven Holly.

Ottawa County Board of Realtors Scholarship: Garrett Hirt.

Fremont Federal Credit Union: Haylie Sewell.

Oliver H. Perry Carl Kuestheardt Masonic Memorial Scholarship: Rebekah Koehl. Jonathan T. Pope Memorial Scholarship Fund: Jameson Mullens, Brandon King, Claire Snyder.

The Ohio State University Alumni Scholarship: Karah King, Averie Webb.

Robert Krupp Memorial USG Scholarship: Jasmine Stockmaster.

Port Clinton Women’s Club Scholarship: Claire Snyder.

Joan M. Hudak Teacher Education Scholarship: Karah King.

Catawba Island VFD Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship: Caleigh Sullivan, Noah Shaw.

Port Clinton Academic Boosters Scholarships: Connor Bechtel, Rebekah Koel, Averie Webb, Karah King.

Mildred C. Roy Scholarship: Aubrianna Wylie.

Angel’la Wright Memorial/Tofts Scholarship: Caleigh Sullivan.

Port Clinton Athletic Boosters Scholarship: Elliott Auxter, Noah Shaw, Alaina Dackerman, Kierstin Sherer.

Julie Quayle Memorial Scholarship: Karah King.

Ottawa County Mayor John Blatt Scholarship: Garrett Arnold.

Prisilla Rhiel Visual Art Scholarship: Hannah Cross.

Lenore Peterson Blackburn Scholarship: Garrett Hirt, Keegan Horn, Hallie Hall, Rebekah Clark.

Lester J. Klenk Memorial Scholarship: Jameson Mullens.

Jean C Rutan Port Clinton High School Scholarship: Arianna Wylie, Jade Nickel.

Peter B and Jean C Rutan Scholarships: Hannah Cross, Kierstin Sherer, Connor Bechtel, Noah Shaw, Ethan Carpenter, McKenna Boling, Michael Recker, Lucas Kyle, Claire Snyder, Steven Holly, Mark Phillips, Elliot Auxter, Darik Hoyt, Alex Rumbarger, Haylie Sewell, Isabellah Craig, Spencer Spieldenner, Emma Gottron, Sydney Moore, Caleigh Sullivan, Isabella Reeves, Austin Lindeman, Rebekah Koehl, Averie Webb, Olivia Jackson, Aubrianna Wylie.

James W. Longe Scholarship: Averie Webb, Rebekah Koehl.

George and Lois Svehla Trust Fund Scholarship: Noah Shaw, Aubrianna Wylie. Dorthy Jean (Armbruster)

Gulau Scholarship Fund: Darik Hoyt.

Port Clinton Kiwanis Endowment Service Scholarship: Noah Shaw, McKenna Boling, Caleigh Sullivan, Claire Snyder, Aubrianna Wylie, Elliot Auxter, Kierstin Sherer.

Port Clinton Kiwanis Skilled Trades: Boyd Solomon.

Port Clinton Key Club Scholarship: Julia Davis.

Thomas Bodager Memorial Scholarship: Elliot Auxter.

Civilian Marksmanship Program Scholarships: Connor Bechtel, Kierstin Sherer, Caleigh Sullivan, Sidney Moore, Karah King, Noah Shaw, Claire Snyder, Elliot Auxter, Michael Recker, Ethan Carpenter, Hannah Cross.

Laurie Mann Memorial Scholarship: Kierstin Sherer.

Port Clinton Eagles Women’s Auxiliary #2295: Elliot Auxter.

Boy Scouts 360 Eagle Scout Scholarship: Elliot Auxter, Garrett Hirt, Aiden Carpenter, Jayce Kennedy.

Genoa Bank Scholarship: Steven Holly.

Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council: Austin Lindeman.

Literary and Social Club Scholarship: Sydney Moore.

PEO Sisterhood Book Scholarship: Haylie Sewell.

PEO Technical Scholarship: Jasmine Stockmaster.

First National Bank Scholarship: Elliot Auxter.

Magruder Hospital Auxiliary Health Careers Scholarships: Kierstin Sherer, Aidan Carpenter, McKenna Boling, Alex Rumbarger, Arianna Wylie, Isabella Reeves, Caleigh Sullivan.

Magruder Hospital Dr. R.W. Minick: Ethan Carpenter, Averie Webb.

Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce & Foundation Scholarship: Haylie Sewell, Noah Shaw.

Dick and Barb Berger Athletic Scholarship: Hannah Cross, Jameson Mullens.

Susan Parker Memorial Scholarship: Julia Davis, Darik Hoyt.

American Red Cross: Ethan Carpenter.

Port Clinton Music Boosters Scholarship: Noah Shaw, Aaron WInterich.

Keith Montgomery Music Performance Scholarship: Karah King.

Thomas W. Maher Scholarship: Steven Holly, Aubrianna Wylie.

Richmond Art Scholarship: Hannah Cross.

Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship: Darik Hoyt.

Prior to the awarding of scholarships, Edward M. Gabel, Port Clinton High School Class of 1982, was inducted into the Port Clinton High School Alumni Hall of Fame. Alumni Hall of Fame inductees information and nomination forms can be found online at www.pccsd.net.

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