Port Clinton School District announces this year’s Flagship Award winners

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Superintendent Patrick Adkins presents the Port Clinton School District’s prestigious Flagship Awards to Erica Laughlin, Mark Howerth, Angela Finn, Jill Kozlok, Hayley Saneholtz, Bob Christiansen, and Board of Education President Beth Benko and Vice-President Michele Mueller.

The Flagship Awards are part of Port Clinton City School District’s recognition program to honor parents, community members, staff and students that have helped the district fulfill its motto of “Proudly Charting a Course for Success.”

The Port Clinton Board of Education recently recognized the following individuals with Flagship Awards.

Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union – Community Crew Award: Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union sponsors the fifth grade Econ Fair each year. The Econ Fair teaches basic economics principles such as entrepreneurship, factors of production, business loans, marketing, profit and loss.

To kick off the project, the Commodore Perry FCU sends employees to present the project, typically Jill Kozlok and Heather Gabel. They spend the entire day in fifth grade to present it to each social studies class and get them brainstorming.

Commodore Perry FCU then offers each small business a $30 business loan to purchase capital goods and resources for production. Students submit an itemized list to Commodore Perry FCU, whose staff then orders and organizes all materials into business bags to be delivered to the classroom.

Throughout the month, they continue to volunteer in the classroom to help students with production. On the day of the event, their staff volunteers to operate as an on site bank. They provide a cash bag for each group to use as change in addition to their original $30 loan.

Once all selling is complete, they help each small business calculate their earnings and losses while also teaching students the concept of paying back their business loan. Students keep any profits, which are split amongst their group members. If groups have a loss, Commodore Perry FCU considers any debts unpaid as a donation for our students’ learning experience.

As well as sponsoring the Econ Fair, Commodore Perry FCU also offers all teachers a free financial literacy program called Banzai. Commodore Perry FCU’s commitment to the education of our youth in the areas of economics and financial literacy provide fifth grade students an experience that would otherwise be unlikely to occur.

Their volunteer hours and monetary donations make this project-based learning experience possible, and students enjoy and appreciate every minute.

Bob Christiansen – First Mate, Parent Award: Bob Christiansen has volunteered, been reliable, and committed to help with Bataan Memorial Safety Patrol students during their afternoon shift on a daily basis. Christiansen arrives and helps to control the traffic on Sixth Street so Safety Patrol students can safely cross students across a busy crosswalk. He models behaviors for students which support leadership and responsibility. Christiansen has also pitched in extra help with the Safety Patrol on certain days throughout the year when Officer J. R. Cipiti was not able to be there.

In past years, Christiansen has been a willing volunteer who took part in Bataan Primary’s Watch D.O.G.S program multiple times while his daughter, Kayla, attended the primary grades. His dedication and commitment to help Bataan has truly made a positive difference for the students and it is appreciated by everyone who is a part of Bataan Memorial Elementary.

Hayley Saneholtz and Erica Laughlin – Staff Captain Award: Hayley Saneholtz and Erica Laughlin are dedicated Port Clinton Middle School teachers who truly care for their students. Last school year, they organized and made arrangements for a school “store” at the Middle School because they noticed some students could benefit from some clean, new clothes and because of COVID-19 and the stores not being open, they decided to bring the store to them.

Saneholtz and Laughlin asked teachers and their families to donate new or gently-used clothes and shoes to the store. Students who participated were chosen by each grade level and after receiving parent or guardian permission, took each student shopping. Students were able to take as much as they would wear home with them and the feedback was wonderful.

“This has been such a difficult year, we wanted to take away one burden that many of our students face,” said Saneholtz.

Mark Howerth – Community Crew Award: When many people think of high school athletics, their first thoughts are drawn toward a varsity player they saw on the field of play or a head coach who has led their teams to championships. However, just as important to a program are those coaches who have built a life-long connection with their athletes.

Coach Mark Howerth is one of those special coaches. Throughout his career coaching JV Baseball at Port Clinton, Coach Howerth has focused on developing young men our community can be proud of, both on and off the diamond.

In addition to creating a family atmosphere for our baseball program, Coach Howerth is also imparting the importance of giving back to the community. He has led Salvation Army bell ringing, volunteer efforts of cleaning at the fire station, snow shoveling and leaf raking for elderly members of our community – just to mention a few things he has done.

He stresses to the team how important it is in life to give back and he is there for every minute of it. There are many young men in Port Clinton High School who owe so much to this man. He is a role model for all Port Clinton players and coaches, as well.

Learn more about Port Clinton School District Flagship awards at www.pccsd.net.

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