Port Clinton schools offer R Factor training to all

Oct 16, 2019 | Schools | 0 comments

Do you, or someone you know, make excuses for not achieving their goals? Are you among the people who blame, complain, and defend their shortcomings. Or struggle making good decisions or cooperate with others? Or respond badly in stressful or everyday situations?

The unique R Factor system can change all of that, the primary reason why classes in the R Factor system will now be available locally through the Port Clinton School District. Because of their success with the R Factor system, school officials want to introduce R Factor training to parents, local businesses, organization and the community.

The school district has announced it will be hosting R Factor training information on Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. at Port Clinton High School (Room 217). Seating is limited, requiring reservations at www.pccsd.net/oct22.

The cornerstone of the R Factor system is E + R = O. Simplistically, that means “Event + Response = Outcome.” By managing your “response,” people of all ages can influence the outcome of an event.

The Port Clinton School District staff and students have been learning the basics of R Factor training, quickly realizing the potential benefits the R Factor system will have for everyone taking the course. The R Factor is already making an impact on school culture, say local officials, the same culture change that led The Ohio State Buckeyes to a National Championship with a third string quarterback.

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