Port Clinton’s top students, educators honored at banquet

May 10, 2023 | Schools | 0 comments

Port Clinton High School Top Ten Students and Honored Educators recognized recently were students Carlie Blaesing, Olivia Felbinger, Claudia Gillum, Emily Holcomb, Addisynne Siefke, Grace Smothers, Paige Smothers, Payton Vargas, Cadence Wallace, and Jacob Weldon. Standing were Superintendent Patrick Adkins with honored educators Danny Diaz, Adam Murray, Ryan Evarts, Karen Ferdinandsen, Samantha Lipstraw, Jennifer Barringer, Ty Roth, Kevin Scarpino, and Kerry Fial along with Guidance Counselor Kaitlin Gephart and Principal Gary Steyer.

The Top Ten Students of Port Clinton High School and the other Ottawa County High Schools attended the annual Ottawa County Top Ten Banquet with their honored educators on Wednesday, April 19.

An honored educator is a person in the educational system who a student has been profoundly influenced by and who they choose to honor at the banquet.

The top students that attended from Port Clinton High School and honored educators from Port Clinton City Schools were: Carlie Blaesing and Honored Educator Danny Diaz; Olivia Felbinger and Honored Educator Adam Murray; Claudia Gillum and Honored Educator Ryan Evarts; Emily Holcomb and Honored Educator Karen Ferdinandsen; Addisynne Siefke and Honored Educator Samantha Lipstraw; Grace Smothers and Honored Educator Jennifer Barringer; Paige Smothers and Honored Educator Ty Roth; Payton Vargas and Honored Educator Ty Roth; Cadence Wallace and Honored Educator Kevin Scarpino; Jacob Weldon and Honored Educator Kerry Fial.

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