Pottery Perfection opens new location in Marblehead

Sep 23, 2020 | Business | 1 comment

Owners Paul and Joni Hasselbach and Ella, the Great Dane, enjoyed the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Pottery Perfection by the Marblehead Peninsula Chamber of Commerce at their new facility in Marblehead.

Paul and Joni Hasselbach have opened Pottery Perfection in Marblehead, a paint-your-own pottery studio designed to appeal to all ages and all experience levels. The craft shop is featuring a wide range of pottery, from individualized cups, plates and even a mold of the Marblehead Lighthouse, that can be painted by customers.

The new craft store is at 414 W. Main Street in downtown Marblehead. Also in its inventory are gourds, string art and canvas painting, and painting classes are available.

It is all designed to provide families with an artistic vacationland adventure at a minimal cost.

“We acquired the Pottery Perfection location in Fremont in 2019, and felt that Marblehead’s vacation atmosphere would be a very good spot for a second store,” said Paul Hasselbach. “We’d been learning this business on the go, and saw Marblehead as a wonderful family-oriented summertime location.

“Much of the pottery we feature is a style of Greenware we’ve created in bisque from our own molds,” said Hasselbach. “We also make our own pottery designs from a liquid clay. Pottery Perfection has two kilns at its Fremont location, and is in the process of adding glass fusion to its offerings.”

Pottery Perfection has a Facebook page, and can be reached at 567-342-2207.

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  1. nancy spillers

    Are you open totomorrow 3/5/21?


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