Preschoolers ‘imagine’ their primary colors at ICS

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Image of preschoolers and adults on Activites day

Preschoolers had the hands-on experience of mixing colorful liquids and powders to create a variety of other colors in a special Preschool Activities Day.

Precocious young students at Immaculate Conception Parish and School were dazzled by primary colors on Saturday morning during a Preschool Activity Day at the Port Clinton School. The youngsters, some as young as four or five years old, enjoyed an entertaining presentation by Cameron Lightfoot of Imagination Station, Toledo’s Science Center.

The youngsters discovered many of their favorite colors could be the result of a mix and match formula of primary colors red, yellow and blue. Lightfoot, a STEM Education Associate, showed the youngsters how to mix primary colors, and create another color altogether.

Image of Cameron Lightfoot durring a presentation

Cameron Lightfoot of Imagination Station, Toledo’s Science Center, had full attention of Immaculate Conception preschoolers with his presentation on primary colors. (Photos by D’Arcy Egan)

For instance, Lightfoot mixed red and yellow liquids to create orange, red and blue to create violet, and blue and yellow to create green.

It was very basic for Lightfoot, who in entertaining style often dazzles older students with demonstrations with liquid nitrogen, a substance that is minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit. For the four-year-old preschoolers who had the chance to do the mixing of the colorful liquids and powders on Saturday morning, it seemed a bit of magic.

“The children really enjoy these special activities, and it is quite a learning experience,” said Communications Director Jennifer Roberts. “The youngest children are so eager to join in, especially with the hands-on activities.”
Immaculate Conception School is one of the rare facilities in the area that has all-day classes for students as young as four years old, a benefit for working parents.

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