Real Estate Transfers 1-20-22

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Allen Township

01/12/2022 Sandra Dusseau, Deborah L McGarry, Barbara Loving, and Joseph Nagy Jr, 6248 North Opfer Lentz Road, $220,000.

Bay Township

01/10/2022 Warren Huber and Virgie Leslie Huber to RAR Hospitality LLC, 1236 West Fremont Road, $172,000.

Carroll Township

01/10/2022 Dean Gnepper to Joshua Prieur and Jaimee Prieur, 2.0 acres 0 West Genzman Road, $38,000.

01/12/2022 Bobby Clem to David Tornow, 0 Norwood, $25,000.

01/13/2022 Daniel E Reeves to Joseph W Merriman and Melissa L Merriman, 6282 North Harris Harbor Drive, $75,000.

Harris Township

01/14/2022 Craig R Reiter and Amy K Reiter to Russell Hicks and Laura Hicks, 17770 West Riverside Drive, $35,000.

Catawba Township

01/12/2022 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to George A Slogik and Lorraine M Slogik, 4858 Tradewinds Drive, $627,778.

01/14/2022 Michael B Mier and Danis K Mier –Trustees of the Mier Family Trust to Kelly Serwin, 2594 Sun Valley Dr #201, $110,000.

01/14/2022 Timothy R Warga to Karen A Lindsey and Mark S Lindsey, 3298 North Valley Drive, $94,999.

01/14/2022 David M Warga to Karen A Lindsey and Mark S Lindsey, 3298 North Valley Drive, $94,999.

01/14/2022 Donald L Warga, Dennis D Warga, and Craig T Franklin to Karen A Lindsey and Mark S Lindsey, 3298 North Valley Drive, $95,0001.

Danbury Township

01/14/2022 Scott R Borgio and Stacy L Borgio to Melissa Marie Zielinski, 600 South Timber Lane, $549,900.

01/14/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Lawrence Daher and Kristen J Daher, 2636 South Waterside Court, $439,800.


01/13/2022 Jeffrey c Vik & Teressa M Vik (Trustees) to Thomas R Bender and Teresa M Bender- Trustees of The Bender Family Revocable Trust, 10654 East Bayshore Road Unit 67-2, $435,000.

01/13/2022 John F Burkhart and Kathleen E Burkhart to Jeffrey C Vik and Teressa M Vik- ½ interest to Jeffrey C Vik Living Trust & ½ interest to Teressa M Vik Living Trust, 10654 East Bayshore Road Unit 112, $612,000.

Erie Township

01/10/2022 Dennis Epke and Denise Schifferly (Co-Trustees) to Richard Clem, 2.1 acres, $60,375.

01/10/2022 Denis Epke and Denise Schifferly (Co-Trustees) to Julia Davis, 3713 West Harbor Road, $15,000.

01/12/2022 James Martin & Victoria Martin to Alana O Telesman and David A Telesman, 3950 West Harbor Road, $339,900.

Port Clinton Corp

01/12/2022 Joseph H Fisher and Julie A Fisher to Patrick J Fisher and Bridgette M Fisher, 116 Clinton Reef, $155,000.

01/14/2022 Laura I Zapata to Michaiah T Phillips and Jacob T Favro, 420 East 2nd Street, $158,000.

01/14/2022 East Ottawa Builders LLC to Kelly Hirzel and Eric Hirzel (Trustees), 2163 East Harbor Road, $265,000.

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