Real Estate Transfers 1-26-23

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Allen Township

01/20/2023 Westen W Frantz to Justin M Koser and Caitlyn Koser, 5456 North Nissen Road, $150,000.

Benton Township

01/19/2023 Toussaint River Partners LLC to Brian W Sheehy and Heather L Sheehy, 3266 North Stange Road, $55,000.

01/19/2023 Toussaint Rover Partners LLC to Daniel Jensen and Jennifer Jensen, 3300 Stange Road, $15,000.

Bay Township

01/17/2023 Celia I Huff- Co Trustee of the Huff Family Trust dated June 26, 2001 to Christine and Brian Valore, 2795 West Cleveland Road, $55,000.

Carroll Township

01/20/2023 Dewayne W and Kathleen W Brough to Gary L and Linda S Apling, 0 Toussaint South (10.0 acres), $80,000.

Clay Township

01/20/2023 Michael P Eschenbrenner to Jasmine R Stein and Joseph Esker, 2106 North Reinman Road, $202,501.00

01/20/2023 Marilyn Henderson ( Successor Trustee) to Robert R Bench and Kathleen A Bench, 0West Camper and 0 South Genoa Clay Center Road, $468,551.60.

Genoa Corp

01/17/2023 Julia A Chio to Justin Brown, 1209 West, $71,500.

01/20/2023 Carol M Bower to Mark Shiffert and Wendy Shiffert213 10th Street E, $132,000.,

Harris Township

01/20/2023 David and Kathryn Geisert and Joseph Halicek Jr and Patricia Halicek to Jacob Rothert, 18401 West Deno Road and 0 Elliston Trowbridge, $900,000.

Elmore Corporation

01/17/2023 Michael E Pendleton and Laura J Pendleton to Matthew A Weaver and Kelli Weaver, 356 Rice Street, $105,000.

Catawba Township

01/20/2023 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Roy R Scherler and Lisa M Scherler, Units #C-3 and C-5 Catawba Boat Yard Storage Condos, $311,625.00

Danbury Township

01/17/2023 Leonard F and Joan E Rice to Andrew Deak and Erin Broderick, 2151 South Bristol Drive, $659,900.

01/18/2023 Richard D Audiano to Robert E and Barbara J Boebel, 5686 East Harbor Road Unit C-24, $128,800.

01/19/2023 Aaron and Keri J Brown to Theresa Ann Juback, 1640 North Mariner Crossing, $85,000.

Port Clinton Corp

01/17/2023 Dolores F Mathews to Allison Market, 571 Northwest Catawba Road, $230,000.

01/18/2023 Matthew T O’Donnell and Jennifer O’Donnell to Daryl S Boehringer and Maryanne A Boehringer, 4480 East Harbor Edge Drive #4-2, $527,100.

Portage Township

01/17/2023 Rebecca Brose to Keith Conte, 1409 South West Bay, $32,000.

01/17/2023 Rebecca G Mack to Lynn P Art-Trustee of the Lynn P Art Trust dated 7/1/2014, 4125 Kirk Units#109 & 110, $160,000.

01/19/2023 Courtney L Gill to Richard Forrest Heller and Denise Kay Heller, 2208 East Sand Road, $270,000.

Salem Township

01/19/2023 Rick Kigar (Private Selling Officer) to U.S Bank Trust National Association, 2130 South Mud Creek Road, $80,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

01/18/2023 James R Witt and Sharon K Witt to Ashley A and Patrick S Pinkston, 117 West Main Street, $117,500.

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