Real Estate Transfers 1-5-23

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Allen Township

12/29/2022 Martin F Ewersen Jr to Dana Bollin, 23136 Curtice East West Road West, $150,000.

12/29/2022 Nicole M Newlove-Successor Trustee of the Daniel L Petersen Family Trust to Calvin Nelson and Marvel Nelson, 0 Curtice (22.3040acres), $185,123.

Benton Township

12/29/2022 Toussaint River Partners LLC to Jeremy D Young, 3300 Stange Road, $110,000.

Genoa Corp

12/29/2022 Estate of Judith A Camper to David W Sample and Robin L Sample, 950 Trade Centre Way, $100,000.

Elmore Corporation

12/27/2022 Ottawa County Habitat for Humanity to Leighia N Losey, 750 Rice Street, $190,000.

12/28/2022 Connie I Smith to Krista A Hellwig, 530 Clinton Street, $132,000.

Catawba Township

12/28/2022 Sandra Lane Ltd to Robert J Stewart and James G Steele, Lot #5 East Sandra Lane, $35,000.

Danbury Township

12/27/2022 James D Young and Betty Jane Young to Annette M Huber-Trustee of the Annette M Huber 2011 Trust dated May 19,2011, 0.0024 acres Central Avenue, $4,000.

12/28/2022 Brian C McCune and Nancy E Heath-Successor Trustees to Amanda Miller and Donald D McCune, 8506 Northshore Boulevard, $100,000.

12/28/2022 Susan Long McAndrews to Marilyn Louise Long Roddy, 820 East Second Street, $365,000.

12/29/2022 Matthew C Marshall to Todd M Folden and Kelly R Folden, 2200 Harborview Unit B33N and B34, $190,000.

12/29/2022 David B Milosevic and Michelle D Milosevic to Matthew Marshal, 2200 South Harborview Drive Unit #B25, $310,000.

12/30/2022 Richard A Zeis Jr and Lynn M Zeis to Julianne Kelly, 2047 Ellsworth Drive, $127,000.

12/30/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to North Harbor Properties LLC, 5676 State Route 163 Unit #1-14, $134,500.

12/30/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Jonathan David Crandall and Kori Lynn Crandall, Roger Carl Tresch and Elizabeth Ann Tresch, 5686 State Route 163 Unit #F-23 and F-23-1, $161,500.

Erie Township

12/28/2022 Kathy R Williams to Kordell L Blankenship, 210 North Monroe Street, $65,000.

Port Clinton Corp

12/30/2022 Kenneth Heschel aka Kenneth C Heschel and Christina Heschel to Andrew Blank and Garryd Koynock, 731 East Second Street, $189,900

12/30/2022 Robert Specker to Frank Mikes III, 427/431 Erie Court, $55,000.

Portage Township

12/27/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Kenneth Thompson, 764 Southeast Catawba Road Unit # 118, $136,115.

12/30/2022 JDM Island Development LLC to Robert M and Kristi L Lorensen, 2656 East Harbor Road #E-2, $223,168.75

Put In Bay Township- School

12/28/2022 Put In Bay Vocation Properties LLC to ETC Custodian fbo Dorothy White, 193 Sandcastle, $5,700.

12/28/2022 Put In Bay Vocation Properties LLC to ETC Custodian fbo Dorothy White, 1 Equity Way, $17,100.

Put In Bay Township

12/30/2022 Ted Ireland to John David Timmons II, 1471 South Gordon, $10,000.

Salem Township

12/27/2022 Andrew R Lenke to Eriq Robert Dean Morton, 9435 West Portage River South Road, $154,000.

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