Real Estate Transfers 10-20-22

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Allen Township

10/12/2022 Shari L Dougherty to Haley N Goetz and Jacob R Fejes, 21255 State Route 579, $155,000.

Bay Township

10/10/2022 Jeffrey A Adams (Trustee) to North Coast Zoological LLC, 0 Little Portage East, $250,000.

Carroll Township

10/11/2022 Pamela J Franks to Daniel W and Cynthia M Lander, 6375 North Fourth Street, $79,900.

10/12/2022 Daniel Jones to Dawn Kimes, Unit 2006 Campsite Wild Wings, $3,200.

10/14/2022 Gregory R Hirt and Melissa M Hirt to James F Quigley and Bette A Quigley- Trustees of Quigley Living Trust dtd December 27, 2004, 7835 Sand Beach Road, $193,000.

Genoa Corp

10/11/2022 Brian A Beard and Andrea L Beard to Henry W Bergman III and Amanda Bergman, 217 11th Street, $25,000.

Harris Township

10/13/2022 Steven D Hutton and Audrey L Hutton to Jenna M Tarallo, 1685 Elliston-Trowbridge Road, $60,000.

Elmore Corporation

10/13/2022 Daniel K Van Etten (Trustee) to Raymond A St. Marie, 740 Rice Street, $360,000.

10/14/2022 Sheehy Properties LLC to Allie K Dresser, 340 Fremont Street, $244,000.

Catawba Township

10/11/2022 Class Construction Inc. to Michael and Karen Krenn, 397 Lakewood Drive, $143,000.

10/11/2022 Leroy and Kathleen Widing (Trustee) to Edwin Baker and Esmeralda Yvonne Baker, 4289 East The Valley Road, $298,000.

10/11/2022 Nelson L Dilley and Etta R Dilley to Marc Wyatt and Tracie Wyatt, 1623 Northeast Catawba Road Unit # 117, $60,000.

10/12/2022 Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Ronald Patterson IRA ( ¾ interest) and Mohican Springs Properties LLC ( ¼ interest) to John P Bordenkircher and Carrie A Bordenkircher,

4320 Marin Woods Unit A , $420,000.

10/12/2022 Daniel J and Patricia S Timmons to Joyce Weimer, 4425 East Balliette Drive, $300,000.

10/14/2022 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Edward J Conrad III and Linda D Conrad, 4853 Tradewinds Drive, $575,950.

10/14/2022 Sandra J Kitchen and Dennis E Kitchen (Trustees) to Justin Gebura, Courtney D Gebura, and Debrah Markle, 2685D North Canterbury Circle, $359,000.

Danbury Township

10/10/2022 Naomi Marie Chandler to Wesley A Hymore, 105 South Chandler Drive, $24,000.

10/11/2022 Joan G Lenke to Williams J Beals, 2038 North Robert Street, $225,000.

10/11/2022 Aaron L and Natlaie M Peters to Joshua Adam and Leah M Dunkle, 365 Meadowlark Drive, $204,000.

10/14/2022 NW Ohio Real Estate LLC to Optimus Development LLC, 9955 Bayshore, $250,250.

10/14/2022 Scott Alan Greenhalgh and Penny Jo Greenhalgh to Andrew Scott Klaus and Cynthia Marie Klaus, 2050 South Bailiwick Lane, $589,000.

Erie Township

10/14/2022 Debra L Jadwisiak and Michael Sipsma to Clifford Serafine, 1220 West Richey Road Waterslip # 59 and RV Site #20, $24,000.

Port Clinton Corp

10/13/2022 The Estate of Janice A Russell to Kyle Rutledge, 430 West 6th Street, $136,000.

10/13/2022 Mark D Long and Rachel A Walland to Chad and Krystie Pass, Unit G6 Harborside, $27,500.

10/13/2022 Deborah M Kroeger to Travis Trent, 730 East Third Street, $10,000.

Portage Township

10/13/2022 Robert L Grimm IV to Keegan Joseph Mominee, 1086 Lake Street, $78,000.

Salem Township

10/10/2022 Jessee R Wright to North Coast Zoological LLC, 2504 South Muddy Creek North, $100,000.

10/11/2022 Sue Tomor, Kathy L Bast, and Ann M Schimming to Heather L and Brendt M Browning, 12586 West Portage River South Road, $227,000.

10/14/2022 Steven Arnold by PSO to Planet Home Lending LLC, 2341 South Muddy Creek North Road, $99,025.

10/14/2022 Matthew S Mehling (Successor Trustee) to Joshua J and Katelyn M Behnke, 9010 West Genzman Road, $352,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

10/14/2022 Valeria A Boehler to Tamra M Hetrick, 119 West Park Street, $181,900.

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