Real Estate Transfers 10-21-21

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Allen Township

10/15/2021 Frances Gordon to Benjamin Hill, 22619 Front Street, $140,000.

10/15/2021 Benjamin Tuite to Zachary Dunn, 4417 North Opfer Lentz Road, $305,000.

Carroll Township

10/12/2021 Cheryl Shelton to Robert Cross, 9839 West Duff Washa Road, $16,462

Elmore Corp

10/15/2021 DSV SPV1 LLC to Freedom Realty Group LLC, 430 Toledo Street, $125,500.

10/15/2021 507 Real Estate LLC to Joseph D Woody and Felecity E Berry, 516 Superior Street, $138,000.

10/15/2021 Michael G Witt and Lori J Witt to Conner M Witt, 595 Ames Street, $100,000.

10/15/2021 Lisa M Fork –Successor Trustee to Joshua William Verbryke and Jamie Sue Verbryke, 357 Huron Street, $80,000.

10/15/2021 Estate of Wayne E Keller to Bailey Colson, 418 Lincoln Street, $119,000.

Genoa Corp

10/13/2021 James E Mathews to Yolanda M Mathews, 508 Buckeye Street, $175,000.

10/15/2021 NJO Properties LLC to Amber M Young and Steven Young Jr, 1212 Main Street, $134,900.

Catawba Township

10/14/2021 Richard C Hannon Jr and Carol L Hannon to Michael W Morton and Lauretta A Morton, 3701 North East Catawba Road, $ 1,500,000.

10/15/2021 Harbor Estates Lot Owners Association to Gerald Buck, 0 Harbor Estates, $10,000.

10/15/2021 James A McLean and Elizabeth J McLean to Leland D Meinke and Jennifer A Meinke, 2250 North Wedgewood Circle, $540,000.

10/15/2021 Leland D Meinke and Jennifer A Meinke to David L Winter and Susan Winter, 4930 East Muggy Road, $605,000.

Danbury Township

10/11/2021 Emilia Wise to Ronald Dominick, 347 North Lighthouse Oval, $220,500.

10/12/2021 Safe Harbor Development LTD to AMS Properties LLC, 5686 State Route 163 Unit# E-20, $92,250.

10/12/2021 Anthony D Gibbs and Margaux A Zannoni Gibbs to Louisville Title Agency of N.W Ohio, 2370 South Harbor Bay Drive, $129,900.

10/12/2021 Louisville Title Agency of N.W Ohio to Anthony D Gibbs and Margaux A Zannoni Gibbs, 2202 South Harbor Bay Drive, $239,800.

10/12/2021 Ruth A Anderson nka Ruth A Brown and Matthew C Brown to Justin Archer and Julie Kristen Archer, 2021 South Bristol Drive, $659,900.

10/12/2021 Safe Harbor Development LTD to Simon Management group LLC, 5686 State Route 163 Unit# E-21, $107,285.

10/12/2021 Jill M Rose HTTA Jill M Sekola and Jesse L Rose to John F Walsh and Paula J Walsh, 167 North Christopher Drive, $39,540.

10/15/2021 Ronald J Cook and Julie A Cook to Nicholas Gerber, 5686 East Harbor Road Unit A13, $80,000.

10/15/2021 Carol A Coe (Trustee) to Robert Paul Shindel and Karin Ellen Shindel, 2337 South Split Rock Drive, $65,000.

10/15/2021 Safe Harbor Development LTD to Aaron L Peters and Natalie M Peters, 5686 State Route 163 Unit E-19, $88,335.


10/13/2021 Terrence R Granzier to Greg M Robinson and Stacey E Robinson, 1218 Wesleyan Drive, $1,858,500.

Erie Township

10/13/2021 Douglas Erwin and Shirley Erwin to Deborah S Bolden, 1220 West Richey Road Water Slip #42 & RV#34, $30,000.

Port Clinton Corp

10/15/2021 Andrew J Felter and Leslie J Felter to Jon R Keeley and Brenda Keeley, 523 West Lakeshore Drive, $401,000.

10/15/2021 Estate of Gilbert Carnicorn to Marty Folger, 135 Oak Street, $142,600.

Portage Township

10/14/2021 Robert J Keating and Carolyn D Keating to Storage Condominiums Inc, 750 S.E Catawba Road #12, $90,000.

10/15/2021 Mark M Hudak (Successor Trustee) to Bassett Land Company LLC, 18,26,36,& 46 North Shawnee, $300,000.

Middle Bass

10/12/2021 Daniel J Vician (Trustee) to Scott W Seighman and Rose F Seighman, Sublot # 4 Burgundy Bay Subdivision, $15,000.

10/15/2021 David E Sovol to Mark A Traut and Cheryl Ward, 730 Fairway Drive, $100,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

10/15/2021 Kelli S Wilson to Sean Peters and Jessica Peters, 116 Broad Street, $134,900.

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