Real Estate Transfers 10-26-23

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Allen Township

10/16/2023- Matthew B Schimming to Jeffrey A Streight, 6161 N Martin Williston Rd, $112,000.00

Carroll Township

10/17/2023 Douglas R Crown and Kathleen M Crown to Keith A Schwierking and Rose M Schwierking, 9495 West Hollywood Drive, $396,000.

10/17/2023 Friends of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge to Jeffrey A Kaylor, 0 Duff Washa Rd, $2,300.

10/17/2023 Friends of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge to Mark A and Tammy M Schimmel, 0 Duff Washa Rd, $2,300.

Clay Center Corporation

10/18/2023 Phillip Smith, Robert L Smith, Diana White, Joyce Hutton, Anthony Sweet, and Autumn Zunk to Bryan Legler, Connie Legler, and Patricia Marquand, 645 Main Street, $76,000.

10/18/2023 Maria G Almaguer to Claude H Smith III,409 Wood Street, $139,920.

Elmore Corporation

10/17/2023 Kimberly E Nedelco to Nicholas J Smith, 338 Ottawa Street, $147,000.

Danbury Township

10/16/2023- Wade Saunders and Nicole Curtis to Mary T Carpenter, 1510 North Buck Road #115, $155,000.

01/16/2023 Donna M Senyitko & Anthony M Senyitko to EAJ Legacy Property LLC, 310 Gravel Bar Road, $120,000.

10/16/2023 Lake House LLC to Equity Trust Co. FBO Robert Stutz IRA 82% undivided interest & Theodore August Stutz 18% undivided interest, 224 Poplar Avenue, $1,375,000.

10/17/2023 Kathleen A Timan and Alan Timan to Dennis Medica and Susan Steinbrick, MS#16 Waterside Court, $65,000.

10/18/2023 Frank E Burks and Barbara Ann Burks to Thomas J Adamo and Marian E Adamo, 612 North Monument View Unit#113, $645,000.

10/19/2023 Faith L McNeal to John Loverich, 1577 South Marblewood Drive and 0 Marblewood Drive, $250,000.

10/19/2023 Clara Lou Fannin to Faith Mc Neal and Layne MC Neal, 4559 East Port Clinton Eastern Road and 0 Port Clinton Eastern Road, $370,000.

10/19/2023 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Douglas Mocny and Catherine Mocny, 5686 State Route 163 Unit#G-12, $126,835.

10/20/2023- Safe Harbor Development LTD to COCAS Corporation, 5686 State Route 163 Unit G-1 and G-2, $311,000.

10/20/2023 David P Groene to Eric John Paulus & Carmen Elaine Paulus, 8448 North Shore Boulevard, $385,000.

Erie Township

10/18/2023 Jill-Anna M Osbourne & Cheryl C Darr to Thomas W Day & Gigi M Day, 55 Schooner Point Dr., $215,000.

Portage Township

10/20/2023 The Estate of Theodore Joseph Velliquette to Christiansen Investments LLC, 1548 South Hickory Grove Road, $90,000.

10/20/2023- Storage Condominiums Inc. to Douglas A. Kordel and Dawn M. Kordel, 3720 East Clean Street Unit 4, $155,115.

Port Clinton Corporation

10/17/2023 Thomas C & Gail C Stoneburner to Matthew R Weisenburger & Jessica RM Weisenburger, 226 Lakeshore Drive Unit E, $253,000.

10/18/2023 Thomas W Day and Gigi M Day to Ralph Edmonds, 1107 Kasper Street, $230,000.

Catawba Township

10/17/2023 Tracey E Powers (Trustee) to James Malz and Sonia Malz, 5313 Swan Drive #H3, $454,000.

10/19/2023 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Manuel R Garcia and Trudy C Garcia, 4874 Westwinds Drive, $901,705.

10/20/2023 Timothy W Conley & Lenora I Conley to Gloria J Baker, 5281 E Lawerence Drive, $27,500.

10/20/2023 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Edward J Conrad III, 3126 NE Catawba Rd. Unit D-5, $175,000.

10/20/2023- Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to PS Boat works LLC, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road, $185,000.

10/20/2023- Jack B Zeigler to Douglas R. Wieder and Kimberly A. Wieder, 3079 North Hatteras Drive, $468,000.

Put In Bay Corporation

10/20/2023 Richard N Gump to Kelly Faris, Mark Lekank and Ty Winchester- Successor Trustees of The Trust by Joseh Derivera St. Jurjo, 90 Ibis Avenue, $750,000.

Salem Township

10/17/2023 Julie Lynn Weyandt (Trustee) to James Jordan and Melissa N Jordan, 12430 Wets State Route 105, $415,000.

10/18/2023 Cindy L Parker to Holly Redfern, 2130 South Mud Creek Road, $165,000.

10/20/2023 Bay Area Services LLC to Keith Jacobs, 8155 W Oak Harbor SE Road, $40,000.

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