Real Estate Transfers 10-27-22

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Benton Township

10/21/2022 Robert W Webert to Cody Pfeiffer and Robin Pfeiffer, 17956 West Ture Road, $170,000.

Carroll Township

10/17/2022 Larry A Walton and Sandra K Walton to Ronald A Donnal and Susanne M Donnal, 9255 West Hollywood, $615,000.

Clay Township

10/17/2022 Margarita M Czech to Lydia M Dupont and Gregory H Jimerson, 1347 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $170,000.

10/19/2022 Estate of Emery S Pocs to William Lambert and Victoria Lambert, 240 Third Street, $44,000.

Genoa Corp

10/17/2022 Hollie Dunn to Zachary Gerald Gargac, 805 West Street, $205,000.

10/19/2022 David M Grosjean and Cheryl A Grosjean to Kelli L Weaver and Matthew A Weaver, 631 Main Street, $85,000.

Catawba Township

10/17/2022 John A Lancione (Successor Trustee) to Anthony R Garzony, 4519 Bennett Road, $550,000.

10/21/22 Donald P and Betty Schrock (Trustee) to Sara A and Matthew W Hill, 1234 Lost Lake, $625,000.

Danbury Township

10/18/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Anthony R Marchetta and Deborah V Marchetta, 2656 South Waterside Court Unit # 911, $389,900.

10/19/2022 Arch Stone Investments LLC to Patrick J and Suzanne S Scully, 2682 Amherst Ave Lot #31, $59,900.

10/19/2022 Jeffrey A Rose and Karen A Rose to Patrick J and Suzanne S Scully 2682 Amherst Avenue Lot #33, $63,000.

10/19/2022 Thomas H and Judith M Petersen to Carmen and Aimee Kestranek, Lots A37 and A 38 Gravel Bar Dock Lot, $40,000.

10/19/2022 James Young and Suzanne Young to Eric J and Kelly Sutherland, 2537 South Oak Knoll Drive, $195,000.

10/19/2022 Larry and Roxy Swihart to Marla Himmeger, 282 North Perryview Drive, $90,000.

10/20/2022 Brian A McBride (Successor Trustee) to Jason and Shelly Watson, Lot 17 Gravel Bar, $60,000.

10/21/2022 Bradley K Shoff and Laura J Shoff to David and Karen Chwalik, 162 Walnut Avenue #4, $98,600.


10/21/2022 Angela J Loschiavo (Trustee) and Vincent R Loschiavo (Trustee) to Rosina A Pease-Trustee of Rosina Pease Trust, 385 Lakewood Drive

Erie Township

10/17/2022 Sharon M Bacak, Dale D Trent, Vanessa D Kellogg (Co-Trustees) to David A Bacak and Sharon M Bacak, 5834 Fritchie, $535,000.

10/20/2022 Barbara E Goehring to Darnell Lynn wheeler and Bryan Michael Klacik, 6805 West Lakeshore Drive, $280,000.

10/20/2022 Cheryl J Christie to Matthew J Holcomb and Amy L Holcomb, 0 Rymers Road (28.370acres), $181,676.

Port Clinton Corp

10/17/2022 Beulah M Swartz and James R Swartz (Trustee) to Nathan L Edmonds and Nicole R Edmonds, 618 Fulton Street and 431 East 7th Street, $68,000.

10/19/2022 Michele J Huffman (Trustee0 to Evan M Pope, 204 East Sixth Street, $140,000.

Portage Township

10/18/2022 Bayview Investments LLC to Brer LLC, 40-80 North Christy Chapel Road, $400,000.

10/20/2022 William F Moore Jr and Sarah N Moore 9turstees under the Moore Living Trust dated 12/12/2019 to Eric J Schramm and Theresa C Schramm Trustees Under the Moore Living Trust, 3720 East Aqua Aire Drive #205, $27,500.

Middle Bass

10/17/2022 Michael D McPhillips to Jason Dominy, 400 Swartz Lane # 307, $136,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

10/20/2022 Scott F Sprouse (Successor Co-Trustee of the Revocable Trust of Leslie F Sprouse 8/22/03) (½ interest) to Kortnie Sammons, 474 Plantation Lane, $160,000.

10/20/2022 Scott F Sprouse (Successor Co-Trustee of the Revocable Trust of Barbara Sprouse Trust) (½ interest) to Kortnie Sammons, 474 Plantation Lane, $160,000.

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