Real Estate Transfers 10-6-22

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Allen Township

9/30/2022 Car Way acceptance Corporation to Virad Properties LLC, 7160 North Lake Street, $160,000.

Benton Township

09/27/2022 Thomas J and Sandra Miller to Elijah Shepler, 4135 North Nissen Road, $125,000.

09/29/2022 Estate of Rodney Bearns to Toussaint River Partners LLC, 22193 West Walbridge Road, $934,973.

Bay Township

09/29/2022 Adam M Andryc and Megumi Tsuwasaki to Richard E and Diane S Bird, 1560 West Fremont road, $240,000.

Carroll Township

9/29/2022 Bernadine A Hammer and F Eugene Hammer to Kara M Tarallo, 6509 Harris Harbor, $89,000.

09/30/2022 Michael and Andrea Starkey to P & A Rental Properties LLC, 1042 Middle Bass Lane, $45,450.

09/30/2022 john and Elizabeth M Guerin to Matthew J Witt and Christy M witt, 11833 West Bier Road, $154,000.

Genoa Corp

09/29/2022 Dale E Velliquette to Nicholas Wiciak, 1514 Buckeye Street, $150,000.

Harris Township

09/28/2022 Lance Geldien, Rennia D Pence and Sherry A Hower to Michael A Nickle Jr and Kristen M Nagy, 16890 West Smith Road, $168,000.

Catawba Township

09/26/2022 David L Harvey III and Carrie A Harvey to Andrew A Peterson and Emily L Peterson, 3309 North Stonehouse Drive, $535,000.

09/26/2022 Bernard F Miller and Linda L Miller to Walter G Fritz and Carol A Fritz, 1623 Northeast Catawba Road #141, $75,000.

09/27/2022 Marblewood Homes Inc. to Kurri C Lewis and Chantel A Lewis, 4280 E. McKeena Lane, $460,897.

09/27/2022 Optimus Development LLC to Scott Kapferer and Mary Kapferer, 2875-B North Canterbury Circle, $421,000.

09/27/2022 Marvin H and Susan R Yoder, David P and Freid F Swartzentruber to Robert J and Janette M Briggeman, 5138 East Gardner Road, $155,300.

09/28/2022 The Higdon Family Trust to Thomas D Chaplin and Rhonda S Chaplin, 2855D Canterbury Circle Unit 11D, $360,000.

09/29/2022 Catherine A Madden to Robert A Gagnon, 3616 North Appell Drive, $282,500.

09/30/2022 Brian Oleska and Cheryl DeVore to Alexandra P Chenevey and Jacob S Chenevey, 2266 Heatherwood Drive, $385,000.

09/30/2022 Alexandra P and Jacob S Chenevey to Alexander J Viery, 4424 East Beach Club Road, $538,000.

09/30/2022 Catawba Island Holdings LLC to Ronald J Gecsi and Mary Gecsi-Trustees of Ronald J Gecsi Declaration of Trust 10/11/01, 3279 North Stonehouse Drive, $58,000.

Danbury Township

09/26/2022 Bay View Villas to Michael Strmac-Trustee of the Michael Strmac Revocable Trust, 2658 South Waterside Court Units MS44 & G3-23, $509,700.

09/26/2022 Dean W McIlvaine and Susan Hayes (Co-Trustee) to Dean W McIlvaine, 265 North Christopher Drive, $147,000.

09/27/2022 Susan E Dress to William Beatty and Christine Costello, 0 North Elizabeth Drive, $15,486.

09/28/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Emilie Lupiani Katcher and Mark Edward Katcher, 2662 South Waterside Court Unit # 922, $400,322.

09/28/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Nenad Pejic, 2664 South Waterside Court Unit #931, $399,900.

09/28/2022 Bay View Villas to Michael P McLaughlin, 2666 South Waterside Court Units MS-40 & G2-18, $499,700.

09/29/2022 Christopher Woznicki and Marcia Woznicki to Lisa Anne Procyk, 531 North Blue Water Drive, $420,00.

09/29/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to John Kirkland and Sharon Roncagli, 2660 South Waterside Court Unit #921, $389,900.

09/29/2022 Chris Burrer and Corinne Burrer to Richard Oddo and Cheryl Oddo, 2231 South Harborview Drive #44, $140,000.

09/30/2022 Bradley Baumann and Kelly Baumann to Brendan Wiemels and Mary Wiemels, 2790 South Amherst Avenue, $42,500.


09/28/2022 Rosalie M Hustak- Trustee of the Hustak Family Trust to William M Andreski and Joan Andreski, 2068 Pleasant View Drive, $300,000.

Port Clinton Corp

09/26/2022 Victoria M Ridley and John R Fellhauer to Steven A and Dominique Noftz, 717 Taft Street, $167,300.

09/26/2022 Jeffrey W Hild to Hunter Hild, 506 Washington Street, $4,000.

09/27/2022 James and Karen Blakley to Bridget Sowers and Geovanny Munoz, 706 Taft Street, $242,000.

09/28/2022 Daniel C and Mara L Willibey to Russell Raymond Holman, 107 West 6th Street, $190,000.

09/30/2022 Terry J Dunn to Robert J Specker Jr., 328 Polk, 840 Erie, & 314 hoover, $120,000.

Portage Township

9/30/2022 Timothy A Buckley and Janet L Buckley to Calvin S Cardillo and Chelsea g Cardillo, 2056 East Lockwood Road, $295,000.

09/30/2022 Richard M Wilson and Linda M Wilson to James L Bernath, 8641 County Road 18, $100,000.

Middle Bass

09/28/2022 Leonard M Straight to Vista Isle LTD, 935 North Shore Drive, $430,000.

09/30/2022 Stephanie Pozega and Debra Panno to Gregory S Filliez, 0 driftwood Drive, $29,900.

09/30/2022 Eugene B Mannas and Patricia L Mannas to Gerald F Reitz and Laura W Reitz, Lot # 146 Burgundy Bay, $35,000.

09/30/2022 Eugene B Mannas and Patricia L Mannas to Carey Killeen, James A Cullen and Pamela F Cullen, 629 Lake Road, $305,000.

Put In Bay Township- School

09/30/2022 Robert A Reuer and Heidi E Paul (Trustees) to Heide E Paul and Dana F Paul(Trustees), 1564 Airline Drive, $220,000.

Salem Township

09/28/2022 Raymond F and Nancy H Harder to Steven R and Brianne L Harder, 3259 South Four Mile House Road, $10,170.

09/30/2022 Jeffrey D Krieger to Jason Timothy Pratt and Jeremy Landon Schafer, 134 North Benton Street, $93,500.

Oak Harbor Corp

09/27/2022 Christopher J Spaulding to Donald Lacumsky, 158 East Main Street, $130,000.

09/29/2022 Arlyn J Bensch and Candace S Bensch (Trustees) to Beverly A Kaiser (Trustee), 40 Brookside Drive, $275,000.

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