Real Estate Transfers 11-10-22

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Allen Township

11/04/2022 George M Buchanan Jr to Lawrence Fairall and Ashley B Fairall, 0 Reiman Road (5.613acres), $85,000.

Bay Township

11/02/2022 The Estate of Phyllis V Carr to Benjamin Wendt, 741 South Schau Road, $100,000.

Carroll Township

11/02/2022 John C Richards to LPT Farms LLC, 32.885acres 0 Strickle Toussaint Road, $175,000.

11/03/2022 Robert R Sattler to William and Luann Vidal, 8315 West Thompson, $20,000.

Clay Township

11/04/2022 Kathy L Shivak to Jaxon Davis, 23204 West Winfield Drive, $116,000.

Harris Township

11/04/2022 Barbara J Gentry to Travis Ross and Angela Ross, 427 Stange Road, $20,000.

Catawba Township

11/01/2022 Donna K Nickle Gayle (Trustee) to Shane Blessing, 4491 East Laurel Ridge Drive, $379,000.

11/02/2022 Terrence F Hoeing and Barbara Hoening to Patricia K Koval, 2769B North Canterbury Circle, $448,000.

11/03/2022 Debra Westerfelt and Jobe Westerfelt to Daniel G Shipley, 3725 East Vineyard Village Drive, $219,900.

11/04/2022 Philip C Helterbrand and Judith M Helterbrand (Trustees) to Shaferly Rentals LLC, 3157 North Elmwood Avenue, $349,000

Danbury Township

10/31/2022 Mario P Weiss to Stephen M Nock and Anne Nock, 6936 East Sunview Drive, $900,000.

10/31/2022 Leroy R and Sheree L Eberly to Thomas and Karen A Joswick, 315 West 4th Street, $275,000.

10/31/2022 Safe Harbor Marina Ltd to Aaron L Peters and Natalie M Peters, 52 North Gone Fishin, $150,000.

11/03/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to James E Emmert and Deanna M Emmert, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # F-7 and F-7-1, $155,000.

11/03/2022 Safe Harbor Development to Richard C Schwartz and Linda A Schwartz, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # F-3, $112,500.

11/03/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to John H Flanders and John H Flanders Jr, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # F-2, $139,500.

11/03/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to W. Craig Perkins and Deborah J Perkins (Trustee), 5686 State Route 163 Unit # F-5, $128,500.

11/03/2022 Jason E Howe- Trustee under The Howe Irrevocable Heritage Trust Agreement to Colleen and Nathan Clemens, 322 North Alpine Drive, $295,000.

11/04/2022 Paul E Ross Jr and Debra L Ross to William F Tracey and Kim Johnson, 1494 South Hartshorn Road, $262,000.

11/04/2022 Scott E Maurer and Laurel J Sawyer to Carlton A Grieve Jr and Tammie L Grieve, 565 North Monument View, $345,000.

11/04/2022 William H and Nancy A Fyffe to Scott E Maurer and Laurel J Sawyer, 2080 South Bailiwick Lane, $585,000.


11/04/2022 Jenna Marie Stancho to James F Guthrie and Carol J Guthrie, 153 Cottage Cove Drive, $67,000.

Erie Township

11/03/2022 Yolanda Vorys and Charles Smith to Shawnee Cottage LLC, 1545 West Lakeshore Drive, $126,300.

Port Clinton Corp

11/01/2022 Richard Lesnansky and Julie Creasap to Ryan A Miller and Loretta M Miller, 513 West Lakeshore Drive #B5, $267,5000.

11/04/2022 Mark J Bechtel and Rebecca A Bechtel to Jarrod and Sarah Schaaf, 322 West 6th Street, $259,000.

Portage Township

11/01/2022 JDM Island Development LLC to Timothy D and Nickcole M Evans, 2656 East Harbor Road Unit E5, $203,545.

11/03/2022 Storage Condominium Inc. to Gwendolyn Graham, 764 Southeast Catawba # 119, $85,900.

11/03/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Erin Fowler, 764 Southeast Catawba # 113 and #115, $171,800.

11/04/2022 Geraldine A Gill (Successor Trustee) to Steven Anthony Wright and Bath Karen Wright, 2106 East Sand Road, 2108 East Sand Road, 2105 East Harbor, and 2107 East Harbor Road, $70,000.

Sand Beach

11/04/2022 Etchen –Armstrong Julianna-Successor Trustee of The Armstrong Revocable Living Trust to Brookwood Residences LLC, 7737 Sand Beach Road, $310,00.

Oak Harbor Corp

11/03/2022 James E Rickenbaugh to Reinhart TK Properties LLC, 126 West Walnut Street, $80,000.

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