Real Estate Transfers 11-11-21

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Benton Township

11/03/2021 Kelly S McGinnis to Bryan A West, 5187 North Elliston-Trowbridge Road, $155,500.

Bay Township

11/01/2021 James E Conner to John N and Anette M Runyon, 5185 West Fremont Road, $20,934.

11/03/2021 David L Kohlman II to Kenneth A Weaver, 2801 West Darr Hopfinger, $39,200.

11/03/2021 Michael Kohlman and Kevin Kohlman and Kathy Sue Kohlman Shiets and Larry Kohlman to Kenneth A Weaver, 2801 West Darr Hopfinger Road, $39,200.

11/03/2021 Barbara Kohlman Harrison to Kenneth A Weaver, 2801 West Darr Hopfinger, $117,600.

Carroll Township

11/05/2021 Barbara Ann Banky- Successor Trustee of The Hemminger Family Joint Trust to Troy A Oldaker, 8637 West Duff Wash Road, $166,000.

11/05/2021 Barabara Ann Banky- Successor Trustee of The Hemminger Family Joint Trust to Lawrence V. St. Clair and Shan M. St. Clair and Jodi L. Neise and Dale Niese, 8637 West Duff Washa Road, $481,500.

Clay Township

11/01/2021 Sharon A Kay to Douglas W Schober, 1980 Nissen Road, $55,000.

Genoa Corp

11/04/2021 Thomas E Bergman to Gary Flegal and In Sun Flegal, 302 Main Street, $172,000.

Harris Township

11/01/2021 Robert F Beyer and Becky Ann Beyer to Kevin M Fox – Trustee of the Kevin M Fox Trust (¼ interest), Kathy S Fox- Trustee of the Kathy S Fox Trust (¼ interest), and Andrew m Fox (½ interest), 78.767 acres 0 State Route 163, $480,436.

11/03/2021 Joseph C Fox and Amy S Fox to Tyler G Traver, 322 South Lickert Harder, $250,000.

Catawba Township

11/01/2021 Mohammad Elssa Administrator for the Estate of Aban A Affan to Catawba Bay Building LLC, 814 & 820 Lost Lake, $195,000.

11/01/2021 Harbor’s Edge Development II LTD to Jeffrey O Rolf and Bonnie L Rolf, 4877 Tradewinds Drive Unit#12, $592,190.

11/03/2021 Dennis W Knecht to Joseph F Edinger, 3638 Rock Cliff Road, $41,000.

11/03/2021 Henry F Stenger and Virginia C Stenger to James W Spicer II and Laura L Spicer, 2866 North Perch Row, $880,000.

Danbury Township

11/02/2021 Jonathan M Crawford and Robin C Igo to Garett Kohlrieser and Tracy Kohlrieser, 197 North Christopher Road, $143,000.

11/02/2021 Mary Ann Evans (Trustee) to Terry W Wilkinson and Therese M Wilkinson, 162 Walnut Street, $95,000.

11/02/2021 Caroline Gluf (Trustee) to Ronald J Cook, 2116 Sauger Drive, $320,000.

11/05/2021 James C Monroe to Mary F Monroe to Mark D Patterson and Anne M Patterson, 311 North Lake Pine Drive Unit E, $125,000.


11/02/2021 Anthony J Mercurio and Kristen L Mercurio to Fred Koury and Edward Nassar, 140 Cove Court, $764,000.

11/04/2021 Gregory Gaydos to Charles Gaydos, 2147 South Gaydos Drive, $96,340.

11/04/2021 Jason T Watson and Shelly Watson to Tiny Teaser Properties LLC, 8361 Reserve Way, $199,000.

Erie Township

11/02/2021 Carol Tabbert and Terry Tabbert and Robert Lipstraw and Kaye Lipstraw to Kenneth J Daup, 0 Camp Perry Western, $386,639.

Port Clinton Corp

11/03/2021 Matthew P Humphrey to Emily A Sheppard, 812 Grant Street, $143,000.

11/05/2021 Jerry G Spears III and Marsha S Spears to John Harrington, 711 West Lakeshore Drive #504B, $180,000.

Portage Township

11/01/2021 B3 Storage LLC to Drewskie Aviation LLC, 3515 East State Road, $240,000.

11/03/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Richard T Foster and Jamee A Foster, 764 Southeast Catawba Road # 88, $98,500.

11/03/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Sean M Scanlon and Cheryl M Scanlon, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #92, $97,500.

11/05/2021 Jerret F Serwin and Kristi L Serwin to Joseph Aman and Traci Aman, 1550 East Lockwood Road, $214,000.

Put In Bay Village School

11/5/2021 Gregory Auger and Anne H Auger to Denis Kempf Snyder-Trustee of the Denise Kempf Snyder Revocable Trust, 0 Portsmouth 0.8276 acres, $125,000.

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