Real Estate Transfers 11-18-21

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Allen Township

11/08/2021 Sander Farms LLC to Emily L Hemminger and Justin P Hemminger, Lot 2 Walbridge Road, $48,000.

Bay Township

11/12/2021 Select Development to Hekron Investment Inc., 1036 West Fremont Road, $243,251

Carroll Township

11/09/2021 Michael W Blakely and Sue A Blakely to Kenn Kaufman and Kimberly Kaufman, 2608 North Toussaint Portage, $170,000.

Clay Township

11/08/2021 Brian Lay and Mandy Lay to Joshua Kopena, 2763 North Downing Road, $120,000.

11/10/2021 MP Real Estate LLC to Amy Lynne Luebke, 570 Main Street, $20,000.

Elmore Corp

11/09/2021 Carol A Flick Executor of Estate of Steven Soenichsen to Ronald Allen Greiger and Cheryl Lynn Greiger, 940 Ohio Avenue, $135,000.

11/10/2021 Brian W Sheehy and Heather L Sheehy to Jacob Sheehy and Angelica R Garant, 405 Lincoln Street, $155,000.

Genoa Corp

11/08/2021 John C Lewis and Teresa D Lewis to Jill A Cecil, 1209 Main Street, $190,000.

11/10/2021 Denise M Boldt aka Denise M Bowland-Successor Trustee to Christopher Kline and Patricia R Kline, 409 Buckeye Street, $205,500.

11/12/2021 Stuart Collins and Laura Collins to Jason M Bermudez and Samantha Leigh Bermudez, 410 West Street, $165,000.

11/12/2021 James R Healy to Jordan M Harvey, 1520 Buckeye Street, $110,000.

Catawba Township

11/08/2021 John J Caputo Jr to Mark A Urrutia and Lisa A Urrutia, 4435 East Island Pines Drive, $370,000.

11/10/2021 John H Luscombe to Kenneth F Sauer and Paula M Sauer (Trustees), 1824 North Carriage Lane, $24,500.

11/12/2021 Cheryl Ann Chase Trustee of The Cheryl Ann Chase Trust to Jill K Craciun and Eugen Craciun, 4446 Marin Harbor Unit B, $580,000.

11/12/2021 John J Lerch to Craig A McCoy, 5492 East Helmsman Drive, $120,000.

11/12/2021 Darrell A Clay to Matthew J Wojtowicz, 5535 East Foxhaven Drive, $275,000.

11/12/2021 Robert J Pudelski and Kay L Pudelski to Darrell A Clay and Mary L Longdon, 4280 East Trail, $708,200.

11/12/2021 Jerald K and Ann B Cohen to Chesser Paula, 0 Moores Dock, $10,000.

Danbury Township

11/08/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to The Weekley Family Trust, 2634 South Waterside Court, $409,800.

11/08/2021 Louisville Title Agency to Ralph Leichliter and Jennifer Leichliter, 2226 South Harbor Bay Drive, $129,900

11/08/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Walter Claypool and Pamela J Claypool, 0 South Waterside Court, $29,900.

11/09/2021 Edwin Boggs Trustee For Mansfield Cement Flooring, Jack Jung and Andy Walker, Inc. 401 K and PS Plan FBO Edwin Boggs to Eric D Edlund and Pamela A Edlund, 2200 Harborview (B/S #15 and B/S #14), $110,000.

11/10/2021 Robert R Corban and Patricia L Corban to Jeffrey R Nusbaum and Dana F Nusbaum, 360-5 North Lake Pine Drive, $153,000.

11/12/2021 Kendra M Collins to Elizabeth Showalter and Tristen Mallory, 4843 East Port Clinton Eastern , Road, $235,000.

11/12/2021 James E Bennett III and Katherine Brandt to Lake House Retreat LLC, 8137 East Lake Boulevard, $875,000.


11/09/2021 Cin-Kat Investments LLC to Ken Neverman, 3375-3365 South Confederate, $755,000.

Erie Township

11/12/2021 Jeffrey A Portman and Diane B Lenz to Brandon Zimmerman and Alyssa Morelock, 1220 West Richey Road WS 49 and RV 23, $34,000.

Port Clinton Corp

11/08/2021 Sallie R Hughes (Trustee) to Bradford D Bucher and Beverly J Bucher, 1803 East Perry Street Unit #45, $150,000.

11/10/2021 T Virginia Hillman to Craig W Palmer and Kimberly A Palmer, 711 West Lakeshore Drive 404-b, $194,000.

11/12/2021 John M Schroeder to Charles E Mennecke and Elizabeth L Mennecke, 529 Holly Court, $175,000.

Middle Bass

11/08/2021 Alan Huber and Ann C Huber to Lisa Lynn Van Dootingh and Scott Alan Van Dootingh, 170 anchor Lane, $133,500.

11/12/2021 John L Carlino and Margaret Carlino to John M Loesser and Lisa A Loesser, 310 burgundy Bay Boulevard, $150,000.

Put In Bay Township

11/10/2021 Susan Latham aka Susan Morrow to Judith L Wood, 649 Catawba Avenue, $459,900.

Salem Township

11/08/2021 Sandra Lou Wegman-Successor Trustee of The Bartell Living Trust to Michael R Harder, 0 State Route 19, $400,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

11/12/2021 Andrew Evers and Katherine Evers to Michael A Snyder and Kymberley Snyder, 209 South Robinson Drive, $212,000.

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