Real Estate Transfers 11-25-21

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Allen Township

11/17/2021 Ruth M Diefenthaler to Rob W Orians and Kristen R Orians, 6580 North Reiman Road, $390,995.

Benton Township

11/19/2021 Eric M Morrow Sr. to Charles D Rains and Bethanne M Rains, 1800 North State Route 590, $384,000.

11/19/2021 Eric M Morrow Sr. to Charles D Rains and Bethanne M Rains, 0 True Road & 0 West True Road (21 acres), $140,000.

Bay Township

11/15/2021 Jerald Cutler and Kathleen Cutler to James M Serin and Elizabeth D Serin, 615 South Fostoria Road, $334,000.

CORRECTION FOR SALE ON 11/12/2021: Select Development Inc. to Hekron Investment Inc., 0 Fremont Road, $243,251.

Carroll Township

11/19/2021 Nancy L Gerardot to Todd A Bennett and Paula Bennett, 1069 North Bass Lane, $31,500.

11/19/2021 Leonard Guyton and Sandra Guyton to Brent W Matthews and Tamara L Matthews, 6475 Teal Bend, $88,000.

Clay Township

11/16/2021 Catherine Potridge to Seth Gaghen and Kaley Corcoran, 1391 North Genoa Clay Center, $175,000.

11/16/2021 Kathy G Walton to Charles K Palmer, 21520 West Holts East Road, $270,000.

11/17/2021 Green Cove Development Inc. to Paul L Strouse II, 6315 North Fourth Street (Lot 127 Sand Beach), $6,000.

11/18/2021 Patrick R Getzinger to RHOADS REI OH 1 LLC, 685 North Opfer Lentz Road, $197,400.

Elmore Corp

11/15/2021 Christopher R Crozier to Tammi L Throop-Trustee of The Robert and Linda Meyer Irrevocable Trust Agreement dated April 28, 2021, 415 Lytle Street, $155,000.

Harris Township

11/19/2021 James L Post, John R Post, & Doris E Klaustermeyer to Justin M Reed, 0 Schultz Portage (6.868 acres), $44,642.

Catawba Township

11/15/2021 Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC to JoAnn M Montgomery and Marvin Montgomery, 5377 Walls Channel Drive Unit P-1, $625,000.

11/15/2021 Michael Swetel and Beth Wendell to Build Wealth LLC, 1593 North Windward Drive, $214,000.

11/16/2021 John A Lynn and Lorraine M Lynn to James A Dress, 2596 East Sun Valley Drive #202, $150,000.

11/16/2021 CC Boat Harbor Inc. to Leo H Simoson and Carrie L Simoson, Unit 31 Colony Club Harbor Condo, $21,000.

11/19/2021 CC Boat Harbor Inc. to Thomas L Wiseman and Mary A Wiseman, 2036 North Carriage Lane, $24,500.

Danbury Township

11/15/2021 Doug E Hefner and Delia n Hefner to Carmen F Doty-Armstrong and Deniis W Armstrong, 651 Walnut Street, $759,000.

11/16/2021 Charles D Fuller aka Charles D Fuller II as Trustee to Kristen M Clarico, 325 Peach Street, $325,000.

11/19/2021 John R Ball (Trustee) to Joel A Heiberger and Sandra M Heiberger, 2180 South Whitecap Lane, $400,000.

11/19/2021 Richard A Schafer or Virginia K Schafer Trustees of The Schafer Family Trust to Robert E Hartshorn and Lorraine M Schuchart, 204 Sycamore Avenue, $460,000.

Port Clinton Corp

11/15/2021 JJZC Rentals LLC to Joseph Alge and Brenda Alge, 509 Lakeshore Drive, $160,000.

11/15/2021 Joseph G Alge and Brenda E Alge to Patrick Sadowski and Brigette Sadowski, 509 West Lakeshore Drive Apt. D6, $200,000.

11/15/2021 Alexes Kennedy and Justin M Kennedy to John T Nettle and Kari L Nettle, 128 Clinton Reef Drive, $188,500.

11/16/2021 Bradley J Riemenschneider to Gloria Lynne Ackley, 4488 East Weyhe Road, $569,000.

11/16/2021 Tina Thompson to Travis Trent, 801 West Third Street, $27,000.

11/16/2021 Tracy Krumnow to Adam J Bazar and Taylor M Bazar, 821 Monroe Street, $113,000.

11/19/2021 randy Earl Pace and Megan Lindsay Pace to Ronald Bates, 323 East 11th Street, $275,000.

Portage Township

11/15/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Roger L Swinehart Jr., 764 Southeast Catawba Road # 87, $98,500.

Put In Bay Village School

11/15/2021 Marie U Koblinksi to Chadham L Cowan and Alison D Cowan, 0 Lakeview Avenue Lot 24, $65,000.

11/19/2021 James F Lang Trustee of the James F Lang Revocable Trust to Roderick A Ball and Gennifer Ball, 55 Chapman Road, $465,000.

Put In Bay Township

11/18/2021 R3Developers LLC to E.S Wagner Company, 178 Conian Road, $550,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

11/16/2021 Wade Boreman to Cabana Properties III LLC, 315 West Ottawa Street, $86,100.

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