Real Estate Transfers 12-10-20

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Allen Township

11/30/20 Helen Jean Rollins Estate to Ronald J and Jeanne E Rollins, 5865 N Main Street, $140,000.

Carroll Township

11/30/20 Joseph Paydock to Larry B Cover, 5454 N Zetzer Road, $90,000.

Catawba Island Township

11/30/20 Cynthia J Mayer-Passarelli to R Dale and Anne Marie Kocias, 49 N Harbors End Drive, $170,500.

12/2/20 Jerald M and Joan A Gerber to James and Linda Ann Gerber, 4300 Marin Woods Unit A, $150,000.

12/03/20 Lisa a Seckler to Hunter S Stinchcomb, 4518 E Island Pines Drive, $335,000.

12/03/20 Patricia M Kelley to John M and Corrie D Hofstetter, 4265 E Balliette Drive, $285,000.

12/04/20 Rita A Kasper to Timothy S Billings, 4761 E Blue Heron Drive, $92,500.

12/04/20 Danny A Boyd and Vicky L Wilson (nka Vicky L Boyd) to Brian R and Melissa L Macho, 0 N Windward( unit W-20 Come Sail Away Condo), $5,800.

Clay Township

11/30/20 Thomas Everhardt to Robert E and Emory P Brown, 2293 N Manor Drive, $189,900.

12/01/20 Alexander T TenEyck to Kyle Ryan and Sara Marie Barr, 23155 W State Route 51, $136,500.


12/04/20 Mark A Wentz and Alma L Garlo Trustees to Timothy P Massie, 722 Elmore Eastern Road, $104,000. (Also a parcel in Harris Township)

Genoa Corp

11/30/20 Corrine A D’Emillio to Victoria Salle and Randall Habel Jr, 308 West Street, $131,000.

Danbury Township

11/30/20 Richard N and Judith A Dickson to Richard L and Sonya L Landry, 6011 E Harbor Road, $302,500.

11/30/20 Joshua J King to Melissa Lynn and Dustin E Beattie, 1510 North Buck Road, $103,000.

11/30/20 Safe Harbor Development LTD to Eric A Cook, 5686 State Route 163, $117,100.

12/01/20 William F Gerber to Austin and Devin Gerber, 2318 Knobhill Drive, $110,000.

12/02/20 Jamal H and Robert J Hanna to Louisville Title Agency of NW Ohio, 2377 South Harbor Bay, $179,900.

12/02/2020  Brian and Cindy Funk to James W and Patricia Moran, 2554 South Waterside Court, $349,900.

Dane L Mark to Raymond L Gumick, 7550, 7300,7250,7450 Lindsay Lane,$ 755,000.


11/30/20 Thomas A Klausing and Jeanine F Ellis to Terri and Bernie Tamburro, 1002 Elliott Street, $75,000.

Port Clinton Corp

12/04/20 Ronald L Gordon to Maceluke Retirement Funds LLC, 116 South Madison Street, $100,000.

12/04/20 Travis Wolfe to Michael A Castillo and Holly E Boreman, 414 Laurel Ave, $125,125.

12/04/20 Ronald R and Jane c McDavid to Martin Scott and Theresa M DeRose, 807 Grant Street, $137,500.

Portage Township

11/30/20 Douglas P McAtee to KAC Group Ltd, 2204 E Harbor Road, $64,000.

11/30/20 East Ottawa Builders LLC to Bart J and Debra L Balka, 2187 E Harbor Road, $289,200.

12/02/20 PHH Mortgage Corporation to Zane Enterprises LLC, 1142 Lake Street, $26,199.

12/02/20 Ken D and Paula M Ward to Innovative Excavating LLC, 1060 Lightner Road, $150,000.

12/03/20 Gordon Land Holding Company to Bomosch Lakeshore Holdings LLC, 152 S.E Catawba Road, $1,000,000.

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