Real Estate Transfers 12-14-23

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Allen Township

12/06/2023 Brian A Loomis and Heather P Loomis to Dakota Crawford, Lynze Crawford and Lynne Hunter, 21041 Elmwood Street, $145,000.

12/07/2023 Danny D Clayton to Nicholas Weiss and Amy Crapes, 0 West State Route 579, $43,845.

Benton Township

12/08/2023 Michael A Kochensparger & Jamie A Kochensparger to Jennifer L Simko, 16400 W Sondergeld Rd., $194,000.

Carroll Township

12/08/2023 Phillip A Knox & Wendi R Knox to Brian W Stidham, 6506 N Harris Harbor, $130,000.

Clay Township

12/05/2023 Annette Lake and Steven T Lake to U.S Bank Trust Association as Trustee of the Cabana Series, 23245 West State Route 51, $69,994.

12/06/2023 Matt D Welker and Lisa Welker fka Lisa Warner to NER Properties LLC, 2238 North Kathy Lane, $130,000.

12/08/2023 George A. Verdugo and Rebecca L Verdugo to Joshua D. Beckhusen and Makaila Beckhusen, 19600 W. Hellwig Rd, $280,000.

Clay Center Corporation

12/07/2023 Stacy J Crawford to Melvin Sprauer and Rebecca McMullen, 455 Fourth Street, $40,000.

Elmore Corporation

12/05/2023 Shaun M Yurista & Rachel N Yurista to James S Thatcher Jr., 352 Huron St., $142,000.

12/08/2023-Ruby E McQuary to Shaun M Yurista, 842 Ohio Ave.,$170,000.

Danbury Township

12/08/2023 Aaron L Rajda and Jenny R Rajda to Mireto LLC, 617 Cherry Avenue, $465,000.

12/08/2023 Bay View Villas LLC to Brad E Snyder, 2735 South Harbor Bay Drive and 0 South Waterside Court, $499,800.

Erie Township

12/08/2023 Jennifer Gabrelski to Michael Gabrelski, 57 North Schooner Point Unit #57 WS #57-B, $102,750.

Portage Township

12/05/2023 Rick Kigar (Private Selling Officer) to Rocket Mortgage LLC, 563 South Liz Lane, $49,333.

Port Clinton Corporation

12/06/2023 Melanie J Gard and David L Gard to Ashley Michelle Miller, 411 Jefferson Street, $130,000.

Catawba Township

12/05/2023-Nevin F. Cline Jr. to Kevin F. Hollinger1/3 Interest, 5833 Lakeview Dr. $66,000.

12/08/2023- Sunshine Estates Builders, LLC to Julian S. Hillery Jr, 2522 N Torino Dr, $689,130.

12/08/2023-Roscoe W. Webster and Deborah Lynn Webster to Stephen D. Koder and Denise A Dartt, 2830 D Canterbury Circle, $487,000.

12/08/2023 The Estate of Joseph D Hemeyer to Michael Clark, 17777 North Windward Drive Unit L1132 and Unit MS50, $325,000.

Put In Bay Township-School

12/05/2023 Put-In-Bay Homes LLC to Rick A Yanito and Darlene A Yanito, 1511 Jeris Lane, $160,000.

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