Real Estate Transfers 12-16-21

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Allen Township

12/07/2021 James E Avery Jr and Dawn Avery to Tanner K Falk, 23137 West Reinman Road, $187,000.

12/09/2021 Kimberly K Lacer, Kendra S Keppler, Kelli Lacer, And Kara Magrum to Dawn R Avery and James E Avery Jr, 6127 North Reinman Road, $258,000.

12/09/2021 Estate of Kenneth L Mapes to David Knight and Lourdes Knight, 23447 West State Route 579, $194,900.

Benton Township

12/07/2021 Stephen E Brown and Frances M Brown to Jason R Sandwisch and Brooke K Sandwisch, 17947 West Trowbridge Road, $180,000.

Rocky Ridge

12/10/2021 Diane L Behlmer aka Diane Kuzeroski & Dale R Behlmer to Adam Baxter and Ariana Johnson Kovaks, 14758 West Third Street, $131,000.

Carroll Township

12/06/21 Gwendolyn Buford to Cynthia Winters and Charles Davis, 8836 West Canada Goose Court, $90,000.

Genoa Corp

12/07/2021 Shannon Wheeler to Teresa St. Marie, 1201 Main Street, $105,000.

12/07/2021 Clifford Lawson and Kelly S Little by PSO to CIM REO 2021-NR2 LLC, 210 Superior Street, $66,666.

BCS School in Harris

10/12/2021 Jeffrey M Hetrick and Jessica J Hetrick to Sara L Donalds and Dustin M Donalds, 2260 South Harris Salem Road, $214,000.

Elmore Corporation

12/09/2021 Joanne D Price to Cameron Sneath and Karah M Sneath, 343 Fifth Street, $130,000.

Catawba Township

12/09/2021 Eric A Jacobs and Jonathan Mast to Brian Conroy and Paula Conroy, 4555 Kalaujah Lake Drive, $448,000.

Danbury Township

12/07/2021 Gerald Moffett to Ronald F Feldner and Julie Feldner, 1911 South Marblewood Drive, $238,510.

12/07/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Deborah A Miller- Trustee of The Deborah A Miller Family Trust, 2630 South Waterside Court, $459,700.

12/09/2021 Lee R Walker and Cynthia J Walker to Cory H Schenk and Natalie A Gottron, 302 North Perryview Drive, $169,900.

12/09/2021 Ronald Dewalt and Greta Dewalt (Trustees) to Benjamin W Brown and Jodi R Brown, 5831 State Route 163 B-3, $55,000.

12/09/2021 Evah Shirlene Briegel to William H Lutterbein and Diana L Lutterbein-Trustees of the Lutterbein Family Revocable Trust, 456 Vine Street, $510,000.

12/09/2021 Ronald Dewalt and Greta Dewalt (Trustee) to Benjamin W Brown and Jodi R Brown, 5831 State Route 163 B-3, $55,000.

12/09/2021 Raymond E Frankart and Julia M Frankart to Robert Mathias and Tammy Mathias, 2051 South Emerald Shores, $472,500.

12/10/2021 Donald J DeCrane Jr to Rebecca J Wolfe, 4940 East Wohlers Ave, $135,000.

12/10/2021 Roy R Walker and Elizabeth M Walker to Matthew G Wracher, 2657 South Waterside Drive, $885,000.

Port Clinton Corp

12/07/2021 Jeffrey G Zetzer and Kimberly A Zetzer to Joshua M Crawford and Jennifer J Crawford, 526 Adams Street, $171,000.

12/09/2021 Joseph Double Trustee of The Joseph Double Revocable Trust to Timothy N Gocke and Mary A Gocke, 1801 East Perry Street # 13, $169,900.

12/10/2021 Lois Foxx and Grant Dufresne and Zaleena Shaw Dufresne, 710 Madison Street, $140,000.

12/10/2021 L & K Farms LLC to Anthony Greco and Karen Greco, 1147 West Lakeshore Drive, $515,000.

Portage Township

12/10/2021 JDM Island Development to Jeffery Trace and Swathi Trace, 14758 West Third Street, $161,849.88.

12/10/2021 Giaco Enterprises Inc. to Turbo Restaurant Management LLC, 61 SE Catawba Road, $2,530,458.

*CORRECTION FOR SALE ON 12/03/21* 12/03/2021 JDM Island Development LLC to Mark A Sprenger, 2656 East Harbor Road Unit C-2, $178,022.

Salem Township

12/07/2021 Dennis Epke and Denise Schiefferly (Co-Trustees) to Stone of Hetrick LLC, 9652 West Hetrick Road, $230,000.

12/10/2021 Andrew R Lenke to Deborah Lee San Fillipo, 9467 West Portage River South Road, $130,000.

12/10/2021 J.T Gillespie to Joseph Bohne, 2387 South Woodrick Road, $187,400.

Oak Harbor Corp

12/07/2021 Kathleen Fic, Barbara Shoos, Marjorie Neal, Cleah Rae McKee and Bobbi Jo Beck to Alison Sarah Wolf, 11592 West State Route 163, $185,000.

12/07/2021 Susan L Whitman-Co-Executor and Timothy A Held – Co Executor of The Estate of Alfreda L to Sarah Adams and Jonathan Adams, 137 Prospect Street, $144,000.

12/07/2021 Fallout Financial LLC to L3G Properties LLC, 152 Water Street, $200,000.

12/09/2021 Jude E Monak and LuAnn C Monak- Trustees of The Monak Family Revocable Trust to Edward S Peterson Jr and Sheryl A Peterson, 346 Main Street, $145,000.

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