Real Estate Transfers 12-2-21

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Allen Township

11/22/2021 Lisa R Shanteau to Robert M Shanteau and Amanda J Shanteau, 22541 Front Street, $160,000.

11/23/2021 Jeremy S and Abigail S King to Kanna A Sasscer, 7140 Curtice Street, $109,000.

Benton Township

11/22/2021 Robert H Verb and Diane K Verb to Audrene E Tezlaf and Christopher M Tetzlaf, 17355 West Walbridge East Road, $281,000.

11/23/2021 St Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church to John J Nino, 17845 West State Route 579, $195,000.

Bay Township

11/22/2021 Jeffrey S Adams to Alan Jacoby, 2316 Paulsen Road, $45,000.

11/24/2021 Barbara B Kern and Laura BI Fletcher aka Laura B Kern to April L Lennon and Brian Lennon, 659 South North Star Place, $267,000.

Carroll Township

11/23/2021 Paul E Moskal to Mark Moskal, 5070 State Route 2, $47,000.

Clay Township

11/24/2021 David Kingsbury and Rita Kingsbury, 23704 West Manor Drive, $182,000.

Elmore Corp

11/22/2021 Douglas E Sorg and Jeffrey A Sorg to William Sorg and Diane E Sorg, 356 Lincoln Street, $50,000.

11/22/2021 Thomas L Sorg to William C Sorg and Diane E Sorg, 356 Lincoln Street, $25,000.

11/24/2021 Melanie M Moore to Breanna M Wamsley, 420 Rice Street, $148,000.

Catawba Township

11/23/2021 Thomas J Szakovits to Michael A Moyer and Karen L Moyer, 5298 East Lawrence Drive, $15,000.

11/23/2021 Gregory A Hart –Trustee of The Gregory A Hart Revocable Trust to Orchard Culinary & Hospitality Development LLC, 3266-3274 Northeast Catawba Road, $550,000.

11/23/2021 Sunshine estates Builders LLC to George D Simon –Trustee of The George D Simon Revocable Trust, 2542 North Torino Drive, $686,050.

11/23/2021 Gayle Richter to Stephen A Stapleton and Brittany N Stapleton, 5186 Dane, $51,000.

Danbury Township

11/22/2021 Bay View villas LLC to James M Kahoe and Sandra M Kahoe, 0 South Waterside Drive, $44,900.

11/22/2021 Thomas R Nickoli (Successor Trustee) to John C Stimak and Florencia A Stimak, 246 Channel Grove, $180,000.

11/23/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Gerald R Frank and Laura M Frank, 2638 South Waterside Court, $419,800.

11/24/2021 Peter H Meyers and Meredith F Meyers to Reid S Benton and Ashley M Benton, 436 Lynn, $422,500.

11/24/2021 Strategic Property Exchanges LLC fbo Jon Hjelm and Kathy Hjelm to Peter H Meyers and Meredith F Meyers, 534 Maple, $720,000.

11/24/2021 317 Lynn LLC to Allen R Holland and Kathleen B Holland –Trustees of The Kathleen B Holland Trust Agreement 09/12/02, 408 Maple, $480,500.

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