Real Estate Transfers 12-21-23

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Carroll Township

12/14/2023 Barbara J Apling to GSD LLC, 6650 N Humprhey Rd., $129,900.

12/14/2023 Michelle M Lesniewicz to Kim M Williams, 2727 North Lakeshore Dr. $50,000.

12/15/2023 John R Corvo to Leslie D Ruehle, 8864 W Canada Goose Ct., $159,900.

Clay Township

12/12/2023 Michael A Lorenzen & Kortney L Lorenzen to Russell Veverka, 20655 & 0 West Main Street, $37,400.

Genoa Corporation

12/14/2023 Lucy Castilleja, Rachel Riffle, Steven Castilleja, Martin Castilleja, Thomas Castilleja, Jesse Castilleja, Gloria Pearce, Esther Sandwisch, Rutila Artiaga, David Castilleja, and Olga Bechtel to Nikolas J Castilleja, 207 Main Street, $77,000.

Elmore Corporation

12/12/2023- Stefany J. Beiser to Renea L. Magrum, 158 Smith Street, $155,000.

12/13/2023-Daryl L. Close Co Trustee (the Phylis N. Baker Revocable Living Trust) to BRCB Properties LLC, 406 Lincoln Street, $130,000.

Danbury Township

12/11/2023 Richard L Schoenberger and Diana L Schoenberger (Trustees) to Lori A Pitzer and Scott Pitzer, 2071 South Bailiwck Lane, $625,000.

12/12/2023- Dean A. Rader Sr and Ann M. Rader to Brandi Renee Johnson and Batrick W Meisner, 9605 East Bay Shore Road,$ 135,000.

12/12/2023 Gary R Schuen to Vicki Lea Christiansen, 1921 North Nan Street, $620,000.

12/14/2023 Nancy W Hutson to James E Kreutzfeld, Lot #F-21 Dock Gravel Bar, $82,500.

Portage Township

12/15/2023 Floorstiles LLC to DPTS Holdings LLC, 145 Southeast Catawba Road, $750,000.

12/15/2023 Bassetts Investors Ltd to DPTS Holdings LLC, 0 S.E. Catawba Rd., $200,000.

Port Clinton Corporation

12/11/2023 Lee M. Fisher to Suzanne M. Denney, 1803 E Perry Street #34, $285,000.

12/11/2023 Jeffrey L Wilson to Dalena A Buchman, 215 Oak Street, $100,000.

12/15/2023- OfferGiants, LLC to George E Young and Sandra M. Grilly 1801 East Perry Street #2, $215,000.

Catawba Township

12/11/2023 Sunshine Estates Builders LLC to Carl W Kaspar and Patricia L Kaspar, 2521 North Torino Drive Unit#25, $719,995.

12/11/2023 William J. Carmody and Judith S. Carmody to William J Carmody and Judith S Carmody Co-Trustees, 3220 N Utility, $184,850.

12/12/2023-Vicki Lea Christiansen to Kevin C Heck and Karen B Hlimas, 100 N Harbors End 18B, $339,900.

12/15/2023 Marlene M Jensen (Trustee) to Wesley G Bartle JR and Rosann Bartle, 4370 East Laurel Ridge Drive, $424,000.

Put In Bay Township – School

12/15/2023 Walter Duff, Allen Duff and Marvin Duff to Adam Danes and Johnna Danes, 0 New Colony (0.2149 acres), $30,000.

Put In Bay Corporation

12/15/2023 Estate of David J. Parker to Toledo House LLC, 244 N Toledo Avenue, $539,000.

12/15/2023 Estate of David J. Parker to Sweet Siblings Holdings LLC, 258 N Toledo Avenue, $660,000.

Salem Township

12/15/2023 Scott A Frank to Jamie Nichole Lilley & Tyler Lilley, 1140 S S.R. 19, $150,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

12/15/2023 Anne M Callan to Mark D Lenox, 210 W Oak St., $185,500.

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