Real Estate Transfers 12-24-20

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Allen Township

12/17/20 E Robert and Marietta L Thomas to Theodore W Thomas, 28420 Fostoria Road, $95,000.

12/18/20 Larry Schlievert to John Beamer, 5731 N Opfer-Lentz Road, $4,130.

Clay Center Corp

12/17/20 Nancy A Colyer to Kelley S Guthrie (Trustee), 20555 W Camper Road, $275,000.

Benton Township

12/15/20 Gary F and Jeaney K Diefenthaler Trustees to Kayla M Diefenthaler, 7177 N. Elliston Trowbridge Road, $75,000.

Carroll Township

12/15/20 John C Kuzeroski to William H and Kathleen A Linder, 5540 N Russel Road, $11,000.

12/15/20 Alison Golobmek (Trustee) to Robert L Bennette, 6280 N Harris Harbor Road, $55,000.

Clay Township

12/15/20 Wendell J and Janice K Markley to Jacob D and Summer C Jude, 19187 W. Hellwig Road, $200,000.


12/15/20 Joanne Price to Donald R and Sandra K Widmer, 366 & 364 Rice Street, $65,000.

12/14/20 Robert A and Helen L Prahl to Aaron Grob Agency, Inc, 1515 Main Street, $175,000.

12/15/20 Alfred Gene Sr and Becky Jo Thurman to Michael G Basinger, 606 Superior Street, $125,000.

Danbury Township

12/17/20 L Terrence Ufholz to James and Herma Pavlosky, 369 Lighthouse Oval, $159,000.

12/18/20 David M Schlather to Robert E and Amber L Feighner, 303 Channel Grove Road, $175,000.

12/18/20 Timothy J Fellar to Marblehead Storage LLC, 5.311 acres Bayshore Road, $125,000.

12/18/20 Mark A and Lynn M Keefe to Brian C and Kimberly M Walkerly, 287 N Channel Grove Road, $145,000.

12/18/20 Chester Mann to Amy and Philip Williamson, 1959 S Willard Drive, $143,900.

12/18/20 Shawn L Barnett to Amanda Berlin, 214 N Hidden Beach & 206 Hidden Beach, $320,000.


12/15/20 Brian L Musselman to Richard C and Kimberly S Nickerson, 10654 E Bayshore Road, $300,000.

Port Clinton Corp

12/14/20 Ninety Five, LLC to Dennis S and Clare Kilbane Cleary, 202 West Lakeshore Drive, $182,000.

12/14/20 Walter T and Vickie K Recht to William R and Maureen T Steffen, 126 Clinton Reef Drive, $129,900.

12/14/20 Martha (Marty) J Brown to Megan Muetzel, 1015 E 3rd Street, $62,000.

12/17/20 Mary Ann Moore (aka Mary A Zetino) to Frank Mikes, 703 Abby Lane, $23,500.

12/18/20 Jerry K Harrison to Randy and Lynne E Ruggles, 706 Clinton Street, $55,000.

Put In Bay Village School

12/18/20 Terry Ripich and Lauren R Mooney to James and Cynthia Nemec, 0 Maple, $22,500.

Put In Bay Corp

12/15/20 Eric L Engel (Executor of the Estate) to Eric L Engel, 1569 Langram Road, $240,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

12/15/20 Oak Harbor Development Group to Snyder Apartments and Properties Ltd, 0 Houghton & 0 Townline, $30,000.

Bayside Comfort
Bayside Comfort


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