Real Estate Transfers 12-29-22

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Allen Township

12/20/2022 Roger D Hart and Lisa M Hart to Michael Hefferon, 22595 West Cedar Avenue, $172,000.

12/21/2022 Barry Dwyer and Joyonnalee Renee Dwyer to Timothy O Mason and Dawn M Mason, 19427 West State Route 579, $22,000.

Benton Township

12/22/2022 John Wilson III and Toni Seiple to Jayce D Vancena and Holly R Rowland, 863 North Stange Road, $182,000.

Bay Township

12/21/2022 Estate of Carl H Willoughby to Scottie Bowyer and Sonia Bowyer, 2860 West Risingsun Road, $170,000.

Carroll Township

12/19/2022 Michael C Ames to Gary Pollock and Tesla Nagy, 1587 North Toussaint South Road, $223,500.

Clay Township

12/21/2022 Mark R Vogelpohl to Keith L Mottmiller and Katie S Collins, 2919 North Huss Boulevard, $185,000.

12/22/2022 Matthew L Routson and Cheryl L Routson to John Reed Dixon III and Megan Alexis Tammerine, 23749 West Hellwig Road, $120,000.

12/22/2022 Erica C Smith and Andrew Drummond to Chris J Marquardt and Jennifer R Marquardt, 0 Camper Road (1.5548acres), $38,500.

12/22/2022 Steven D Miller and Cassandra A Miller to Melissa C Coduti, 2167 North Kathy Lane, $240,000.

Catawba Township

12/20/2022 Debra Wos, Conrad Wos, Susan Armstrong, Gary Armstrong, Margaret Samosky to Gary T Armstrong and Susan R Armstrong, 1621 North Starboard Ave, $240,000.

12/22/2022 Anthony R Garzony to Ron and Bethann Baden, 4750 Tradewinds Drive, $605,000.

12/22/2022 Darlene K Hummel to Duane V Kemenyes, 1763 Northeast Catawba Road Unit#214, $130,000.

12/22/2022 Philip E Cartensen, Stephanee D Moore, Laura M Devore to Benjamen D and Patrice L Heatherington, 2101 Northeast Catawba Road, $350,000.

Danbury Township

12/19/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Gary Schuen, 5686 State Route 163 Unit #20, $118,500.

12/19/2022 Robert C Ford and Marlene A Ford to James A Kruetzfeld and Roberta L Kreutzfeld, 8374 Reserve Way Unit #13, $100,000.

12/19/2022 Molly A and Anthony D Tuesca to Mark I Douce and Alistair E Johnson, 437 Cherry, $415,000.

12/19/2022 Troy Woodall and Pauline Woodall to Jonathon E Reed and Cynthia Kay Reed, 1805 South Chandler Drive, $65,000.

12/19/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Leslie W Tipping, 5686 State Route 163 Unit #F-10, $146,500.

12/22/2022 Christine Cheatham Successor Trustee of the Orel R Gundlach Trust to Upper Shelf LLC, 149 Oak Ave, $475,000.

12/22/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to James S Ward- Trustee of the James S Ward Intervivos Trust, 5686 State Route 163 Unit #25/F-25-1, $224,500.

Port Clinton Corp

12/22/2022 Dysk LLC to Ottawa County Family Advocacy Center Inc., 570 South McKinley Drive, $180,000.

Portage Township

12/20/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Gregory G and Marian P Oswalt, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #122, $85,600.

Middle Bass

12/21/2022 Solunar Stables Ltd to Cobblestone Stables LLC, 1845 South Shore, $400,900.

12/21/2022 James W Miedema-Trustee of The Gerald J Miedema Trust to Cobblestone Stables LLC, 1845 South Shore, $304,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

12/21/2022 Sharma A Barrett nka Sharma A Rosenberger to Terry R Bloomer and Diedra A Bloomer, 108 West Washington Street, $109,000.

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