Real Estate Transfers 12-30-21

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Allen Township

12/21/2021 Sander Farms LLC to Thomas Michael Wojciechowski and Tracy Michelle Wojciechowski, 0 Walbridge Road, $48,000.

Benton Township

12/22/2021 Robert F Beyer and Becky Ann Beyer to Trey James Hartman, 0 Gray Town Road (78.344 acres), $430,892.

12/23/2021 Gregory C Worden and Amber M Worden to James Vermilyea and Kathryn Vermilyea, 15051 West State Route 2, $120,000

Carroll Township

12/21/2021 Daniel R Youngpeter and Susan L Hohenbrink (2/5 interest) to Lois A MacLennan, Cynthia J Ginter and Kay M Clark, 9415 West Hollywood, $140,000.

Clay Township

12/21/2021 Roland Hansen Jr (Successor Trustee) to Debra Gugle and Larry G Gugle, 235 Third Street, $68,000.

12/23/2021 David A Spurgeon and Suzanne M Spurgeon to Kyle A Kinsey, 21520 West Hellwig Road, $167,000.

Genoa Corp

12/21/2021 Neil Bower and Debra Bower to Nadine Bower, 309 West 10th Street, $80,000.

12/21/2021 Ryan R Emmett to Janelle Crump, 607 Superior Street, $150,000.

12/21/2021 Curtis N Carr and Karli A Carr to Gale Despones and Frank Despones, 103 East 3rd, $103,000.

Harris Township

12/20/2021 Stephanie L Gray to Jeramiah Garner, 17087 West State Route 105, $73,700.

Elmore Corporation

12/21/2021 Lucas J Wilson and Suzanne Wilson to Molly J Dresser, 234 Ottawa Street, $120,000.

12/21/2021 Thomas Paule and Julie J Paule to Cade AT Burroughts, 329 Congress Street, $108,750.

Catawba Township

12/21/2021 Marci Frederick and Mark Frederick and Joe Dale and Doug Dale to Craig P Trick and Andrea L Trick, 3865 East Vineyard Village Drive, $140,000.

12/21/2021 Joseph F Edinger to Lee A Short Revocable Trust dated September 3, 1999- Lee A Short as Trustee, 3638 Rock Cliff Road, $60,000.

12/23/2021 David B Erwin, Bartholomew W Erwin, and Robert D Erwin II –Successor Trustees to Quint R Smith and Donna P Smith-Trustees of Quintin R Living Trust, 3421 Northeast Catawba Road, $1,200,000.

Danbury Township

12/20/2021 The Estate of William C Mack to Gregory L Swartzmiller and Diane L Swartzmiller, 8217 Lake Boulevard, $750,000.

12/21/2021 Thomas H Petersen and Judith M Petersen to Eric J Kush II and Stephanie M Kush, 0 Lake Boulevard, $235,000.

12/21/2021 Louisville Title Agency of N.W Ohio to Gregory Breck and Vicki Breck, 2262 South Harbor Bay Drive, $139,900.

12/22/2021 M.V.P Ltd to Jonathan D Brown and Jessica C Brown, 2026 South Emerald Shores Drive, $110,000.

12/22/2021 Daniel J Jadwisiak Trustee of the Daniel J Jadwisiak Living Trust to John Tucholski and Carrie Tucholski, 5677 East Bayshore Road, $370,000.

12/22/2021 Mark R Harris to Scott R Harris, 7931 East Harbor Road, $700,000.

Port Clinton Corp

12/22/2021 Randy Ruggles and Lynne E Ruggles to Robert E Grove and Elizabeth D Tucker-Grove, 706 Clinton Street, $200,000.

12/22/2021 Joseph L Theibert and Jenny M LeJeune aka Jenny M Theibert to Joseph C Gerber and Maureen H Gerber, 519 East Eleventh Street, $109,890.

12/23/2021 Daniel G Mallory and Kyong Hui Mallory to David D Hardy and Tammy R Hardy, 1004 Glendale Drive, $305,000.

Portage Township

12/22/2021 JDM Island Development LLC to Stephanie McMillion-Trustee of the Stephanie W McMillion Trust, 2656 East Harbor Road Unit C-1, $169,808.75

Salem Township

12/22/2021 Catherine Bowman and Garry Bowman to Eric Robert Sigurdson aka Eric R Sigurdson, 2411 South Stephanie Lane, $36,000.

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