Real Estate Transfers 12-31-20

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Benton Township

12/23/20 Myron F and Sara A Zibbel to Trevor Hanely, 1767 North Walker Street, $150,000.

Catawba Island Township

12/21/20 Jason R and Debbie Michel Marcellus to Timothy A and Mary E Mahoney, 0 East Wildwood Drive, $30,000.

12/21/20 Jason R and Debbie Michel to Helen M Kettel, 0 East Wildwood, $30,000.

12/21/20 Robert J and Regina L Hille to Brooke M and Stephanie B Brown, 776 North Hidden Harbor, $235,000.

12/21/20 Sunshine Estates Builders LLC to Corey D and Kimberly L Caster, 2601 N Torino Drive, $519,208.

12/23/20 Rosemary Harroun Stewart to William E and Phyllis P Cousino, 2834 Nor’Eastern Cove Drive, $735,000.

12/23/20 William E and Phyllis P Cousino to Raymond M and Cheryl L Klubnik, 1662 North Edgewater Drive, $1,100,000.

12/23/20 Lost Lake Development LLC to Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC, 0.5197acres Catawba Island, $280,000.

12/23/20 Lost Lake Development LLC to Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC, Lots 15, 56, 87- 89, 90, 92-95, 97-98 Catawba Bay, $307,550.


12/22/20 Kevin Rutherford (Executor) to Matthew J and Brittany N Decker, 816 Ohio Avenue, $178,000.

Harris Township

12/23/20 Lyle W and Sharon A Peters to Cody A Peters, 149 South Lickert-Harder Road, $90,000.

Danbury Township

12/21/20 James C Koehler to JCK2 Properties Ltd, 0 East Lake Blvd (Lot L2 & A6), $465,000.

12/22/20 Philip J Sabatka (Trustee) to Philip J and Sandra E Sabatka, South Harbor Drive (Lot16), $52,200.

12/23/20 Philip G and Elnora C Synder to Dora A and Laurence E Bour, 201 South Sunnydale Drive, $185,000.

12/23/20 William E and Margaret Ann Klaehn to Robert and Wendy Capri, 8511 East Harbor Road, $18,500.


12/23/20 Summit Properties Partnership to Crystal Beach Cellars LLC, 3695 East Baycliffs, $80,000.

Erie Township

12/21/20 Lee R and Marlene Schultz to Christopher and Julie Britt, 2195 North State Route 19,$10,000.

Middle Bass

12/23/20 Susan Morrow (nka Susan Latham) to Dustin G Shaffer, lot 8 Pt Main Lot N of Co, $230,000.

Salem Township

12/21/20 Jim and Kate Smith Family LLC to Cody Boger, 7119 West Portage River South Road, $114,900.

Oak Harbor Corp

12/22/20 Amanda C Berlin to Cory J Jolly and Kelsey A Scharf, 426 North Locust Street, $125,000.

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