Real Estate Transfers 12-7-23

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Benton Township

11/21/2023-Wade Sharlow and Jean A. Sharlow to Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District, 0 Duff Washa Road, $35,000.

11/28/2023 Forrest J Swope (Successor Trustee) to Wade E Sharlow and Jean A Sharlow, 13678 State Route 2, $40,000.

11/28/2023 Lisa Maletich, Trustee of the Foss Residence Trust, to David Millinger & Gayle Millinger, 17721 SR 579 , $59,000.

11/30/2023 Kevin c. Pfaff to Seth R. Dobbelare, 13300 West Toussaint Road, $156,000.

Bay Township

11/28/2023 Penny S Warren to J.K. Storage Rentals LLC, 4872 W Fremont Road, $150,000.

12/01/2023 The Estate of Richard Rounds to Santos E Livas and Renee A Levis, 1127 W. Fremont Road , $140,000.

Carroll Township

11/30/2023 Estate of Tina Lenke to Justin Kleinhans & Seree Petersen, 1679 North State Route 19, $239,000.

Clay Township

11/20/2023-Marie Ann Wagner to Seth M. Weis, 1615 North Thyre Dr. $205,000.

Genoa Corporation

11/27/2023 Marsha K Galliagher to Barbara Goulet, 205 Rose Drive Unit #3, $156,500.

12/01/2023 Douglas Samsen (Successor Trustee) to Seth Carter & Melissa J Wilson, 0 Genoa Clay Center Road, $35,000.

Harris Township

11/21/2023-Dean A Gnepper and Morgan Pasley and Anna Lynn Pasley, 19079 w. Orchard Drive,$400,000.

Danbury Township

11/27/2023 Bay View Villas LLC to Bryan A Panteck & Stephanie L Panteck, 2725 S Harbor Bay Drive, $539,7000.

11/27/2023 Bay View Villas LLC to Gregory A. Ballmer, 2731 South Harbor Bay Drive,$429,900.

11/27/2023 Harry T Roby Trust of The Harry J Roby Living Trust dated December 15,1995 to Full Quiver Farms Inc, 7225 Ridge Road, $700,000.

11/28/2023 Bay View Villa LLC to Patricia A Watts & Timothy D Watts, 2727 S Harbor Bay Drive Unit 1112, $419,9000.

11/30/2023 Kristen M. Clarico to Eric W and Amy B. Aho, 325 Peach Avenue, $382,000.

12/01/2023 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Bridget Adelsberger, Gretchen Hackney, and Toni R Hackney, 5686 State Route 163 Unit #G-16/#G-16-1, $170,000.

Portage Township

11/20/2023 Waters Edge Equity Management LLC to Ben R Bush & Kathleen D Bush, 3720 E Aqua Aire #67, $85,000.

11/21/2023 Kenneth H Schultz Trustee to Ronald C Billings, 3720 E. Aqua Aire DR, unit 238 and 240, $125,000.

12/01/2023 Michael D Williamson & Jacquelyn G Miller to Christopher McManus, 1204 E Lockwood Rd.,$175,500.

12/01/2023 Aaron J Porter to James Colabianchi and Stephanie A Colabianchi, 764 Southeast Catawba Road Unit # 103, $112,500.

12/01/2023 Storage Condominiums Inc. to James Colabianchi and Stephanie A Colabianchi- 780 Southeast Catawba Road Unit #1, $125,750.

Port Clinton Corporation

11/20/2023 Ryan J Evarts and Brittany Evarts to Richard B Ward and Jessica L Ward, 317 Jackson Street, $210,000.

11/20/2023-Rosemary M Collins to Arthur J Carpenter, 648 Jackson Dr. $129,000.

11/21/2023-The Estate of John E McConnell to Daniel E Mcconnell and Stephanie L. Mcconnell

11-29-2023 Richard Brian Kyler and Kimberly Sue Kyler to Douglas Moore and Deana Moore, 904 Jackson Dr., $296,000.00

12/01/2023 Nicholas M Zapisek & Michelle Zapisek to Harbor Point Real Estate Management LTD, 1801 E Perry St #27, $230,000.

Catawba Township

11/20/2023 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Gary A Ebert and Pamela M Ebert, 4887 Westwinds Drive, Unit #36, $736,020.

11/20/2023 Anthony J Grohman to Karl Wilkens and Amy Leopard, 3801 Stonehenge Road, $499,000.

11/21/2023 Robert H Branyan III and Laura Jane Berryman-Branyan to Joseph S Rigg and Andrea D Rigg, 1623 Northeast Catawba Road Unit 101, $90,000.

11/28/2023-Ohio Living Communities FKA Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services to UCH Catawba Development LLC, North Vineyard, NW Catawba, and 522 NW Catawba Road, $283,545.

11/30/2023 Jean C Miller to John T Swanson Jr and Julie S Burr Co-Trustees of The North Edgewater Trust dated November 16, 2023, 1424 North Edgewater Drive, $1,212,200.

12/01/2023 Sunshine Estates Builders LLC to Brent A Riley and Kimberly L Riley, 2482 Torino Drive Unit #20, $720,790.

Put In Bay Corporation

000012/01/2023 Susan M Gaydos, Joseph Gezymalla, Jennifer Gezymella, Jennifer A Marshall to Melanie A Marshall & James Marshall, 2908 East Erie Avenue, $64,210.

12/01/2023 Rachel Gezymalla to Melanie A Marshall& James Marshall, 2908 East Erie Avenue, $12,842.

Salem Township

11/28/2023 Sandra N Finken to Ethan Paul Valdez, 2030 S Mud Creek Rd, $130,000.

11/30/2023 John J Bradbury and Mayetta A Bradbury to Jon A Fickert, 122614 West State Route 105, $161,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

11/27/2023 Clark L Lieske & Marilyn A Lieske to Dawn M Haar & Shawn M Haar, 561 West Avenue, $204,900.

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